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What is Holistic Health Coach Training for Women?

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Holistic Health Coach Training

What’s Inside?

  • What is Holistic Health Coach for Women?
  • Who is This Course For?
  • Advantages of Holistic Health Coach
  • Become a Holistic Health Coach for Women

“I loved following the classes of Sarah. She is a dynamic and well-rounded teacher that can really help you get to the core of the situation.  She is very well aware of the effects of yoga poses on different body and mind types. Her personalized approach effectively guides you towards easy menstruation.”- Vanessa, Germany

“WOW! This course was everything I needed. The lessons are beyond valuable and easy to understand and implement. Thank you so much for this course Sarah!”  -Leida, The Netherlands

If these testimonials urge you to know more about the course and its possibilities, utilities and functioning read further the blog that details all the basic and necessary information about the Holistic Health Coach Training for Women.

What is Holistic Health Coach for Women?

We see many advertisements and products which exclusively cater to the physical health benefits of women. Many supplements advertisements showcase claims for a super remedy for almost all the problems our modern-day women face in their busy tight schedules. But, is it really what we need? A temporary way out or a solution that may lead to further health problems later in their life. Holistic Health Coach is all about enhancing women’s health and wellness irrespective of their age. Being a Holistic Health Coach means guiding women of all ages to achieve their optimum health. Understanding natural health practices that cater to your mind, body, and soul through our lifestyle, food, and physical activities is the crux of the program.

Holistic Health Coach Training for Women

By attending the course all the necessary skills and knowledge along with resources you will need to start teaching women are given. This is an exploration of finding different ways to support and advocate natural feminine health and wellness.  It is also a journey covering women’s life passages such as menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and birth, menopause, and beyond.

Read Arhanta Yoga’s published blog on holistic health in light of Yogic Philosophy:

Who is This Course For?

Becoming a holistic health coach is not a herculean task, anyone who is genuinely interested in women’s health can become an inspiring mentor and advocate for women’s wellness. Whether you are attending this course for your purpose or taking it for professional development, you don’t need any previous knowledge or desired skills. If you are a yoga or Ayurveda teacher, it is an added advantage and more beneficial to you as you can upskill your knowledge by specializing in women’s wellness.

  • Anyone who wishes to become a Certified Holistic Women’s Wellness Coach
  • Anyone who wants to provide a special workshop and training session on holistic women’s health education, advocacy, and mentoring
  • Yoga teachers who want to specialize in women’s health
  • Health professionals who want to learn lifestyle wellness for women and add this valuable skill to their career
  • Any woman who wants to nourish and enhance the woman in you on a holistic level.
  • Anyone who want to expand their services and practices in women’s community across the world
  • People who wish to create and launch an effective online or offline wellness business and make a difference

Advantages of Holistic Health Coach

  • Enhance your own wellness and explore self-care methods
  • Support other women around you to have knowledge and resource for natural health and wellness
  • Network with other wellness practitioners such as Ayurveda practitioners, therapists, coaches, yoga teachers etc
  • Utilize traditional lifestyle practices for women’s wellness which is totally risk-free and pass on to future generation
  • Provide consultation and mentoring through classes, workshops and live events and retreats
  • Create business that makes drastic differences in the lives of women

Become a Holistic Health Coach for Women

Arhanta Yoga offers 30-hour online Holistic Health Coach Training. It is purely online in a format which means you will have ample time to complete the course at your own time and get certified by one of the leading yoga institutes. The course is certified with Yoga Alliances and you will be able to teach worldwide once after you complete the course. The course takes a holistic approach with yoga and Ayurveda for improving hormonal health for women.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda, yoga and how you can use yoga in a therapeutic way for women with hormonal imbalances, menstrual disorders, infertility, and menopausal symptoms. The course also teaches you the best yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle practices women can adapt in each of their physical conditions.


We must support women to thrive during all stages of their lives in order to achieve sustainable and generational healing. Holistic Health Coach Training is exactly doing the same. By becoming a holistic health coach apart from the personal and professional gain, you get to connect with a global community of holistic women’s wellness educators, advocates, and leaders who are making a difference in the world. Learn Holistic Health Coach Training and help people access resources and information to make confident choices for their health.

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