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How to draw a Shiba Inu

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How to draw a Shiba Inu

How to draw a Shiba Inu. There are many types of dog breeds worldwide, and dog lovers will often have a favorite breed. One type of dog that has become very popular in recent years is the adorable Shiba Inu. Calling from Japan, these puppies are fluffy and fuzzy, and this build helped propel this species to internet meme fame. Despite this fame, they’re simply an adorable breed of dog, and learning how to draw a Shiba Inu is the closest thing to meeting one in person!

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Drawing a Shiba Inu

Step 1:

To begin this guide on how to draw a Shiba Inu, we will first start with the outlines of the dog’s head and chest. Let’s start with the head first. The sides of the head will be drawn with rounded lines. The ear’s choice has a balanced line between them, as indicated in the contact print.

Next, we will draw two curved lines coming down from the head and connecting, forming the Shiba Inu’s neck and chest. Once you’ve drawn these outlines, we can continue adding more to the guide’s next step!

Step 2:

For the next step in this Shiba Inu drawing, we’ll start by drawing a paw on the dog’s body. Use slightly wavy lines down the body to create the sides of the leg, then add the small leg at the base. Next, we will add some facial details to the dog. Start by drawing a few lines on the ears, then draw a few small circles for the eyes. Next, we’ll draw some curved shapes above the eyes, and then you can finish by drawing the curved nose and mouth below those aspects.

Step 3:

We can now continue with this guide on how to draw a Shiba Inu by adding more legs and a bit more of the body. You can add another leg next to the first one you drew, which will look a lot like the first one. You can then use more curved lines to draw the Shiba Inu’s stocky back. We will also draw the dog’s tail in this step, and as you can see in the reference image, it will be curled over the back. Finish this step by drawing the back outline of the hind leg.

Step 4:

This step of your Shiba Inu drawing will allow you to finish the outline of the body and legs before adding some final details in the next step. Rather, remove the front portion of the rear portion that you started in the last step of the direction. Then count another hind leg properly after it.

You can finish this part by drawing a curved, irregular line for the Shiba Inu’s belly. Once they’ve been drawn, you’ll have the full outline of the drawing, and then we can move on to the final details we mentioned!

Step 5:

How to draw a Shiba Inu

For the fifth step of this guide on drawing a Shiba Inu, we will add some details to the dog. To do this, we will draw curved and rounded lines along the face, legs, and body of the Shiba Inu. These bars are there to give a more vibrant look to the puppy and give it a glimpse of additional reality. It will be further accentuated when we add colors later.

Once you have drawn these lines as they appear in our reference image, you are ready for the final step of the guide. Before we continue, maybe you could draw a background for the image! Doing this, you can draw another dog with it, add toys or put it in a creative frame to get some ideas. How will you complete the drawing before the final step?

Step 6:

How to draw a Shiba Inu

We can now finish this Shiba Inu drawing by adding color to it! In our reference image, we have chosen realistic colors for the Shiba Inu. We used light browns and shades of beige to color the different parts of the dog’s body. You can use our reference image as a guide if you want similar realistic colors for your own Shiba Inu, but you can also use your unique colors! When you know what colors you’ll use, you can also have fun deciding what art tools and media you’ll use for finishing.

Tips to make drawing your Shiba Inu easier!

Make that Shiba Inu sketch even easier with these fun tricks! This adorable drawing of a Shiba Inu is done in a very detailed style, which makes it look more realistic. This dog breed has been depicted in many ways since being used as a popular internet meme. For this reason, you can portray the Shiba Inu in alternate styles that you find easier. For example, you might find it much easier to draw in a simplified cartoon style. If so, you can adapt this style or another style you like to this drawing to make it easier. Not only will this make drawing easier for you, but it will also make it more unique and suited to your tastes!

You can then facilitate this Shiba Inu drawing by using other references alongside the steps in this guide. When looking for actual Shiba Inus photos, it would be best to look for ones that are at least relatively similar to the sample image in our guide. Examine this photo carefully, then do your best to reproduce the details and proportions as they appear. It would also be useful if you want to represent different poses. This guide has made this Shiba Inu sketch much easier, but it could be broken down further.

It can be done using a pencil and some basic shapes. Take a close look at the example pictures first, then try to break down the construction of the Shiba Inu into basic shapes. These can be circles, ovals, or thinner shapes. It’s up to you, and you can start building a basic outline for the Shiba Inu. Then once you have that to work with, you can try adding finer detail layers to the drawing. Once you like how it looks, finish the final details with your pen and erase the pencil shapes.

Your Shiba Inu drawing is complete!

They’re a truly adorable breed of dog, and we hope you had a great time creating this piece of art while working on this guide on drawing a Shiba Inu. Now that you have mastered this drawing by following the guide, you can add details and elements to it even further. We’ve mentioned a few ideas, but what other ideas do you have for this drawing?

When you’re ready for more fun, visit our website, as we have some great drawing guides to enjoy. We have more on the way, so keep checking! We’d love to see your adorable Shiba Inu drawing, so share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages so we can see it.

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