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How to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST Files?- Trusted Solution

Outlook PST data Recovery

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Emails and other mailbox items in Outlook are saved in the form of PST files, or Personal Storage files, on the user’s computer. PST files, like any other file, are vulnerable to corruption and other types of harm. When PST files become corrupt, emails and other mailbox objects become unavailable in Outlook. Outlook users may experience these sorts of inaccessibility difficulties at times, regardless of the Outlook version they are using.

The following are some well-known causes of PST file damage:

● When Outlook is open, the system abruptly shuts down.
● Outlook was improperly closed.
● Physical storage media errors
● PST file headers are internally corrupted.
● The file size restriction is 2GB (if the PST file has been created in Outlook versions earlier than Outlook 2007).
● A malicious virus strikes.

PST files can be damaged for any of the causes listed above, putting you in a difficult situation. When the PST file is corrupted, MS Outlook is unable to access emails, notes, contacts, calendars, and other items in your email account. In this article, we’ll go through a few options for dealing with such a situation.

Here are several manual approaches for repairing PST files:

Creating a New Outlook Account:
Backup is the best way to retrieve emails, contacts, and other data from a corrupted PST file. If you have a backup of the corrupted PST file, you may quickly recover your email items in a matter of minutes by creating a new user account in Outlook. After creating a new user account, import the backup PST file into it to recover all of your emails.
Microsoft Inbox Repair tool:
If you do not have a backup of the damaged PST file, you must use the Microsoft Inbox Fix application to repair it. You will be able to access emails and associated objects in your current Outlook account after the tool has completed the recovery procedure. The Inbox Repair tool has the advantage of not needing to be purchased because it is included as a built-in Outlook repair tool.

The following tips will assist you in using the Inbox Repair program (also known as Scanpst.exe):

1. Start the search by clicking on the Windows Start button.
2. Click the All files and folders link in the Search Window, then type Scanpst.exe.
3. Scanpst.exe will launch when you double-click it.

4. Navigate to the location of the damaged PST file using the following paths:

● For Windows 10:-
● For Windows 8, For Windows 7 & Vista:- C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
● For Windows 10:-
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

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5. Press the Start button. After the program has finished scanning, you may fix it, and it will display a message that the repair procedure was successful.

Even if the program reports that the operation was successful, there is a potential that your PST file was not restored at all. Use your Outlook account to access your emails. If the file is successfully fixed, Outlook will function normally with it; otherwise, use a reputable third-party program to repair the damaged PST file.

An Automated Process to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST Files

A third-party program is a dependable alternative for recovering emails, notes, contacts, to-do lists, and other items from a corrupted PST file. In only a few minutes, you may restore the corrupted PST file using a third-party solution. It has created an unrivaled solution for repairing your Outlook Inbox. Using the Outlook PST file Repair Tool, you can repair every type of damaged PST file .

Highlights of Outlook PST Repair software

● An advanced and secure application.
● The recovery of ANSI/UNICODE PST files is possible.
● Perform a quick recovery of the folders you’ve selected.
● Data recovery in its entirety, including emails, contacts, and calendars.
● Working with Outlook in all of its manifestations is a delight.
● Things that have been deleted can be safely recovered.
● Working with the most recent Windows versions.
● Items are cleaned up before conversion.
● The veracity of the data has not been compromised in any manner.
● Recover the necessary PST file.
● A free software trial is available.
● Password-protected PST files are supported.

Follow the procedures below to repair a PST file and recover its data

1. Install the PST Repair Software.

2. Insert your PST file.
3. After auto-scanning, see the data as a PST file.

4. Select the Repair PST option.

5. To save recovered data, select PST or another format.

Outlook PST Recovery Tool’s detailed features

Repair corrupted and inaccessible PST files
One of the best solutions for repairing broken and corrupt PST files is for Outlook Email Recovery Tool. It can recover all things from corrupted or damaged Outlook files, including emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals, and so on, without compromising data integrity.

Preview and Deep Scan
The software thoroughly scans the uploaded faulty PST file, and after recovery, PST file elements are shown in a tree view, allowing users to inspect all things and restore all or selected ones as needed. The utility can recover both ANSI and Unicode PST files.

Large PST files can be repaired
Using this Outlook Recovery Tool, one can quickly repair PST files of any size. It quickly retrieves all relevant information and allows users to store the recovered PST file in the location they specify. This program has no restrictions on the size of PST files.

Emails may be stored in several different formats
After the PST file recovery procedure is completed, customers can save all or a subset of their PST emails in several file formats. Users may save restored objects in PST, EML, EMLX, and MBOX formats using the Repair PST Tool. Throughout the procedure, the folder structure is completely secure.

PST Recovery is quick and secure
The entire PST Email Recovery process is quick and easy with this tool. All procedures included in Outlook file Repair are self-explanatory, so consumers have no problems using the software. The utility recovers and exports PST data objects while keeping all email attributes intact.

There is no Outlook installation
The best feature of the PST File Repair Program is that it does not rely on MS Outlook to retrieve PST data items. To restore PST file entries, you do not need to install MS Outlook. However, the program can recover data from PST files from all Outlook versions.

We reviewed both manual and automatic ways of repairing a damaged PST file. However, we can see how simple, quick, and dependable the automatic process is. Tool for Outlook program employs rapid data recovery methods, allowing the utility to fix the corrupted PST file quickly. The program can recover all emails, attachments, notes, contacts, and so on with complete accuracy thanks to an easy-to-use user interface. Furthermore, the program may recover emails from PST files written in any version of Outlook, including Outlook 2019.


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