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Top 5 songs on Dupatta

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Songs are listened to for a long time now. Along the years, the songs have changed in Bollywood, Lollywood, and Hollywood as they are going towards the hip hop culture. However, we all know how the old songs will remain the real ogs forever. They had that decent vibe that everyone could still relate to. Though we found them cringe in our childhood, but the real understanding of the song comes when you have finally reached your teen age. Similarly, like that the dupatta has been used as the main component for songs in the past and currently as well. This is something that we are going to discuss in this article.

1) Hawa mein udtaa jaaye mora laal dupatta malmal ka (Barsaat, 1949):

This song is basically based on a particular type of color of dupatta, which is red. It is not most people’s favorite song, but still considered one of the top hits that people think of when they wear a red dupatta. It is a very old song as you can see by the year. This is why you may not see the color of that in video, but anyways you should assume it just like everyone else is doing for the past 73 years. The actress is this song video Bimla Kumari shows her dupatta inside the Kashmir valley and is every teenage girl’s mood in an airy weather.

2) Dupatta mera malmal ka rang saleti halka (Adalat, 1958):

This song not only describes the fabric of it, but it also tells you about its color. The color is sateli halka which is a pale grey color. This song features Minoo Mumtaz. The song also has a Punjabi flavor in it. Actress Minoo talks about how beautiful her dupatta is, and her lover agrees on what she says. The song describes how the wearer looks so pretty when she wears her dupatta, and only one simple fall will reveal the actual true beauty of the actress.

3) Inhi logon ne le leena dupatta mera (Pakeezah, 1972):

This song is the perfect description for someone who bought a dupatta. From buying it to how it was colored pink, this is all described in this song. This piece of art is sung by Ghulam, and performed by none other than the beautiful Meena Kumari.

4) Dupatta

Dupatta is the song of the recent remake of the movie Jug Jug Jiyo. These amazing heart melting lyrics are written by Diesby, Shamsher Sandhu and sung by diesby himself and together with him, Shreya Sharma.

5) Maine rang lee aaj chunariya (Dulhan Ek Raat Ki, 1967):

In this song the heroine tells about her love. She gets her dupatta colored in respect of her love for him. The chunri in this becomes a symbol of her. The heroine wants to express her love, so she does mad stuff like soaking herself in different colors.


These were few songs in which dupatta has been described as a feeling or as a part of women’s life. You can see how dupatta is not only used as something that women wear, but instead it is used as to express something as well. I hope you too listen to these songs, and enjoy the old beautiful vibes the songs had in them.

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