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List Of The Top 10 Popular & Famous Nepali Brands

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These days the vast majority have trust issues. They seldom trust a few new individuals or new things. We for the most part trust those things or those individuals who we have known for some specific timeframe.

That is the reason with regards to picking a few brands, we as Nepalese have been continuously normally liking global brands in Nepal more than Nepali brands.

This is on the grounds that these worldwide brands have been on the lookout for quite a while, and have their names. We are effectively not confiding in any new brands, particularly on the off chance that they are Nepali.

In any case, in spite of the fact that, there are a few top nepali clothing brands that we actually trust the most than other worldwide brands.

Thus, we have picked the names of a few top Nepali brands that aren’t just famous in Nepal but at the same time are enjoyed in different nations. These all are “Made In Nepal” marks that Nepalese feel pleased with.

Top 10 Well known Nepali Brands

We have made this rundown by including the names of various brands. Like we have incorporated the names of attire brands, food sources and refreshment brands, specialized brands, and different brands that are famous. We really want to believe that you will appreciate perusing this rundown.

1. Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom isn’t simply the greatest organization in Nepal, yet Nepal Telecom/NTC is additionally the greatest brand in Nepal.

Nepal Telecom is the organization that began the Telecom administration in Nepal. Until 2003 when UTL started to give telecom administration, NTC had an imposing business model in the telecom area.

Sometime in the past individuals needed to remain in line to buy the SIM card of NTC. Later numerous telecom organizations like Ncell, recently known as Mero Versatile additionally entered this area.

Be that as it may, everything likewise couldn’t stop NTC to arise as the greatest brand in Nepal.

While most telecom organizations like UTL neglected to get by in this field, NTC is as yet remaining on the top. There are in excess of 20 Million dynamic clients of Nepal Telecom.

2. Ncell

Established and sent off as “Mero Portable” in 2005, Ncell is a media transmission and versatile specialist organization. Recently known as Mero Portable, it was rebranded as Ncell by its parent organization in Walk 2010.

Later on April 2016, it was likewise different to Ncell Axiata when Ncell turned into a piece of Malaysian media transmission organization Axiata Gathering.

In the event that NTC is an organization that acquainted telecom administrations with Nepal, Ncell is the organization or brand that brought a pattern of telecom administrations among the Nepalese.

They started to offer their assistance all through the country that NTC was deficient at the outset. Inside an extremely limited capacity to focus time, Ncell arose as one of the main brands in Nepal.

3. Wai Noodles

Assuming there is any Nepali brand that is more famous in different nations than Nepal, then, at that point, it’s Wai Noodles.

Wai is a brand of moment noodles that was at first begun in Thailand in 1972. With the specialized help of a Thailand organization, Thai Protected Food Manufacturing plant Co.

Chaudhary Gathering presented Wai noodles in 1985 in Nepal. At first, CG assembled 4 production lines in Nepal and 6 plants in India for the assembling and conveyance of Wai.

Wai has been cherished by individuals from its underlying days. Today, it has made some amazing progress.

Consistently more than 2.3 billion parcels of Wai Noodles are made and dispersed north of 32 nations including nations like Bangladesh, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, and so on.

4. Shikhar Shoes

In the event that you are a Nepalese, you probably heard the name of Shikhar Shoes. Shikhar Shoes is the main footwear brand in Nepal since its foundation in 2052 BS.

The business was laid out as an ownership firm in 2052 with its corporate office and processing plant in Ranibari-3, Kathmandu, changed over into Pvt.Ltd organization is currently having its corporate office in Ranibari-3 Kathmandu and its production line in Goldhunga-3.

In the underlying days of its foundation, the organization was just delivering men’s cowhide shoes. Yet, presently they are delivering finished people’s shoes and shoes. Shikhar Shoes is the number footwear Nepali brand based on its generosity, pictures, and deals in the country.

The organization is creating in excess of 1500 footwear consistently and has the limit of delivering 5000 shoes consistently. In spite of having numerous footwear Nepali brands, Shikhar Shoes is as yet the most rumored footwear brand in Nepal.

5. Goldstar Shoes

Goldstar Shoes is currently the brand that most Nepalese are very much aware of. Goldstar was begun during the 1970s under the name of Current Shoe Industry Pvt.Ltd and Kiran Shoes Producer.

Goldstar was sent off in 1990 with a mean to give mid-cost range shoes. Goldstar is a powerful brand made with veritable materials and present day innovation.

All over Nepal as well as sold in India. As of late they have extended their stores in the nations like US and Qatar and is additionally step by step getting ubiquity in western nations too.

6. Ruslan Vodka

For being the most loved vodka of generally Nepalese, Ruslan is one of the top Nepali brands. Ruslan is a cocktail Nepali brand that was begun in 1973 Promotion by the pioneers behind Jawalakhel Gathering Of Businesses Vijay Shah and Maggie Shah.

Since its foundation in 1973, Ruslan has fabricated a sort of heritage as Nepal’s number one vodka. There are different brands in this class, yet none has had the option to try and give contest to Ruslan.

Ruslan has been keeping a strong edge over its rivals with more than 85% of the vodka piece of the pie in Nepal.

With adherence to the greatest guidelines, Ruslan keeps on meshing satisfaction and pleasure into the existences of millions. It is delighted in by millions in Nepal as well as in nations like Germany, Japan, and different nations.

7. Surya Cigarette

Surya Cigarette is likely the most famous and smash hit cigarette in Nepal. Surya Cigarette is being produced by Surya Nepal Pvt.Ltd for north of 25 years.

The organization has the biggest dispersion network in the country for item arrives at north of 5000 wholesalers, and more than 10,000 retailers.

This made Surya Cigarette one of the top Nepali brands. Surya Cigarette is sent out to different nations like Indonesia, Singapore, and so forth.

8. Hattichhap Chappal

What number of you recall the trademark “Hathi Baliyo Ki Hathi Chhap Chappal”? On the off chance that you are a Nepalese, you likely high priority heard this motto.

This has been an exceptionally renowned trademark among the clients of this brand. Hathichhap shoes and shoes have been constantly perceived for their style and solidness.

The notoriety of this shoe brand has been unparalleled. Hattichhap Chappal is likewise a brand of All inclusive Gathering that possesses Goldstar shoes.

In the mid 1980s, Widespread Gathering began delivering Hawaii shoes called Hathi, and presently this brand is accessible all through the country.

Hattichhap Chappal has been the trailblazer of shoes for north of thirty years. They have delivered different scopes of EVA shoes and Hawaii shoes till now.

9. Kantipur(Daily)

Kantipur Everyday is one of the well known papers in Nepal and has likewise become one of the top Nepali brands.

Claimed by the Kantipur Media Gathering, Kantipur Day to day is one of the generally perused day to day papers in Nepal with more than 453,000 duplicates of papers being distributed consistently.

It was first distributed on seventh Falgun, 2049 BS, and was established by Shyam Goenka.

10. Logo-Made In Nepal

Logo-Made In Nepal is one of the well known attire brands in Nepal. LOGO-Made In Nepal was laid out in 1997 by Logo Ventures which is a gathering of organizations working in the style business in the Center East and Europe for a very long time.

Since its foundation in 1997, Logo Businesses Nepal has been a creation center for the European market by assembling in excess of 4000 bits of pieces of clothing consistently and utilizing more than 500 individuals.

Because of political uprising and unsteady government, every one of the exercises of Logo Enterprises in Nepal halted and the creation unit moved totally to Dubai, UAE in the year 2003.

Following quite a long while of expectation, when the business climate and political circumstance of Nepal become better with bunches of business open doors, they re-began their creation in Nepal as Logo Style Ventures (Pvt.) Ltd with groundbreaking thoughts and ideas alongside our quite a long while of involvement.


These are our picks of the main 10 best fashion designers in nepal that are created and produced in Nepal with the name “Made In Nepal”. Since it’s our own pick, your viewpoint might be unique, and as indicated by you, there might be another brand at the top.

So let us in on your perspectives and ideas about this in the remark box, and on the off chance that you like perusing this article, share it with others.

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