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6 Following Conditions Can Be Treated with PRP

by Sam Dilan
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PRP treatment

Maybe you are new to this term but PRP injections are gaining popularity among sports lovers because of several reasons. From sports injuries to hair loss, health specialists prefer this treatment to accelerate the healing of a particular issue.

Plasma is the liquid part of a human’s blood that consists of protein and water. Platelets are a type of blood cell that is found in our blood. They are colorless cell fragments that make blood clotting and control bleeding. The sponge-like tissues lying inside of bones make platelet cells. 

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. In this method, the patient’s own blood is used for treatment. It relies on platelets to improve growth and promote tissue functions and triggers the healing process. Doctors are successfully applying this technique to injuries in tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, and skin.

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What Is PRP?

In platelet-rich plasma, there are two major ingredients: plasma and platelets. As compared to normal blood, platelet-rich plasma is the blood that contains more quantity of platelets. This blood speeds up the healing process in injuries and decreases pain. It also improves hair growth in the human body.

To make platelet-rich plasma, first, they collect a blood sample from a patient and put it into a device called a centrifuge to spin it at a certain speed. This spin separates the components of the blood into distinct layers because of their different density. 

Like others, platelets are also concentrated in a portion of the container. After the completion of the centrifuge process, the doctors collect the layer of blood concentrated with platelets and prepare a PRP solution for treatment.

What Are PRP Injections?

Depending upon the conditions of a patient, doctors decide and prepare the PRP injections that could be different for different people. PRP injections vary in platelet concentrations, amount of white blood cells, and usage of additive ingredients. 

As per the requirement, after the preparation of the PRP solution, the clinician uses an injection to transfer the material to the target place of injury in a knee or a tendon. If required, doctors employ ultrasound techniques to clarify the affected place of injury. 

In normal blood around 150k to 450 k platelets lie per microliter. For making PRP solutions, doctors mix 2.5 to 9 times the normal concentration. Though it seems that a higher quantity of platelets in the blood improves the healing factors in a shorter time but this doesn’t happen in each case. Thus it needs further research case to case to find the right concentration. 

Which Conditions Are Cured By PRP?

In various muscular injuries, skeletal pain, and cosmetic treatment, the efficacy of PRP injections. A few will be discussed here:

Tendon Injuries

Tendons actually join a muscle to a bone. In many cases, it has been found that PRP therapy is highly effective to treat tendon injuries or tendinitis caused by repeated motion. In this type of injury such as in tennis elbow or jumper’s knee, the normal healing process is very slow because of lower blood flow through the affected areas. 

PRP helps in speeding up the healing and regeneration of the tissue, less time it takes for recovery. Most athletes get involved in this type of injury but it doesn’t mean that non-athletes don’t have a chance in this situation. PRP works for everyone if the doctors utilize it intelligently. 

Ligament And Muscular Injuries

Ligaments make joining from one bone to another. While in any laborious physical activity, athletes or any other person may get a torn ligament. In normal work, there is a chance to get this injury or in case of an accident, the situation could be more painful. 

Most commonly, people involved in various sports are at risk of getting muscular injuries. In some situations, muscle groups get strained and suffer from severe pain that needs an expert level of the diagnosis process.     

Depending on the condition of a patient, it takes around 2 to 6 weeks for a complete recovery after PRP treatment. In case of minor injuries or pains, the positive result of PRP appears in just 15 days but the healing process for serious and chronic issues takes more than a month in severe cases. 


It is one of the most common situations of arthritis that affect people globally. It is actually a degenerative joint disease or wears and tear arthritis that generally occurs in the hands, knees, hips, and spine. This condition gradually develops and reaches to worst with time. 

It is because of osteoarthritis, people suffer from pain, stiffness, and swelling and a few may not be able to perform their daily tasks easily. Here, if you start the PRP treatment well in time, it slows down or even stops the progression of osteoarthritis.

Nerves Damage

Nerves play a vital role in developing a strong network between the brain and the other parts of the human body. A nerve injury may lead to disturbing the brain’s communication with body parts. Early start of diagnosis and treatment may protect the patient from any eternal disabilities. 

Various neurosurgeons consider PRP cure as the most influential treatment to cope with nerve damage. Studies show that this method is highly effective in recovery because it helps to regenerate the nerve tissues and relieve pain. 

Back And Spine Disorders

Your back is not safe if your spine may suffer from any kind of disorder. Your spine consists of 26 bones that develop the spinal cord and nerves. Any serious injury can damage these bones and make the patient motionless causing severe pain. 

In various cases, it has been observed that PRP injections affect positively reducing pain and swelling. This treatment promotes the healing of affected tissues and brings recovery without any surgical operations. Moreover, this method has proven its authenticity in reducing back pain by improving structural features like discs, ligaments, and joints.

Non-Restoring Injuries

As is found in many cases, PRP therapy has proven its significance in a fast and secure healing process. Pain control and swelling reduction are very common in various injuries and this quality makes this treatment very useful in several other wounds and injuries that are usually considered more painful and long-lasting.


With the passing of time, doctors and other health specialists are getting aware of the magical effect of platelet-rich plasma and due to this, its popularity is increasing day by day among the ordinary public for dealing with their several injuries and pains. Important thing is that you always go to a reliable clinician. 

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