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Will My Roof Leak if a Shingle Is Missing?

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Storms can wreak havoc in your home, causing damages that can be costly to fix. One of the most dangerous things a storm can do is blow off your shingles. Shingles provide protection from the weather, just one missing or damaged shingle can make your house look unkempt and lead to costly damage.

Will My Roof Leak if a Shingle Is Missing?

Part of a Shingle: If a shingle is missing a small piece at the corner, this may be an issue if it’s exposed to rain. The seam underneath could result in leaks occurring after exposure, should water seep into the felt layer.

A Whole Shingle: If there are any missing shingles and it’s not directly above an open seam, your roof may not be in immediate danger of leaking; however, the exposed asphalt will likely continue to get damaged by the sun and weather until it creates a leak. Either way, this will eventually create a leak in your roof, so it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

A Group of Shingles: A missing shingle may be a problem in and of itself, but the problem exponentially increases the more shingles are removed. Shingles that are missing from your roof will be more likely to collect water and debris, which can increase the chance of a leak. Missing shingles can also decrease the heat-shielding capabilities of the entire roof, which means there’s less barrier against heat from the sun.  If any part of your roof looks like it’s missing shingles, it’s important to get those shingles replaced before water damage starts to happen.

Common Problems Associated with Missing Shingles

If your roof is missing shingles, you may think that it’s not a big deal. After all, it’s just a few missing pieces of material. But if the problem goes unaddressed for too long, it can lead to leaks and other serious issues that can cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Here are some of the most common problems associated with missing shingles:

  • Damage from water penetration. Missing shingles make it easier for rainwater to seep into your home through holes in the roof structure, which can cause significant damage to both the inside and outside of your house.
  • A weakened roof that breaks in high winds or heavy snowfall. This increases the risk of the rest of your roof collapsing, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs or even total replacement of the damaged section.
  • A decrease in energy efficiency. If missing shingles allow too much heat to escape through your attic, it will be difficult for your heating and cooling systems to keep up with it all. This can lead to higher utility bills and higher monthly payments on your mortgage or rent.
  • Structural damage. If there are large holes in your roof deck, winds from storms or high winds can blow into these holes and cause structural damage to your home’s framing members. This type of damage can also cause dry rot and wood rot as well as allow pests such as termites into your home.
  • Insect infestation and damage to the attic. Insects such as termites and beetles love to eat the wood in your home’s exterior walls. If you have missing shingles, these insects will be able to find their way into your attic and eat away at your home’s structural integrity over time.

When You See a Missing Shingle, Don’t Ignore It!

Missing shingles aren’t just an eyesore—they can be a sign of larger issues with your roof. So, if you have one missing shingle, don’t wait to have it replaced by our professional roofer. A missing shingle can be the beginning of larger problems, such as rotting wood or poor ventilation. Once those start, they quickly get worse leaving you with more missing pieces than you might have expected.

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