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White label Crypto Exchange Software – Why you should get it?

Build A White label Crypto Exchange Software

by AdeleneJennifer
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White label Crypto Exchange Development

Most Entrepreneurs are now in need of creating their own crypto exchanges. If you are one such person, I have something interesting for you! To make your dreams come true, the white-label crypto exchange can be a perfect way of making them. This article is intended to figure out the importance of white-label software in the market.

Primary Reasons to buy White label Crypto Exchange Software:

A White label cryptocurrency exchange is a readymade software that is made with all the primary features of a trading platform. By customizing them with your own logo & design, you can build your own brand in accordance with your expectations.

Here is the primary advantages that you can experience if you buy White label Crypto Exchange Software:

  1. Seamless Deployment

As your solution provider already has the readily built software for you, you just need to buy and start your own crypto exchange instantly. If in case you consider developing from scratch, it would probably take around 8–12 months of time. Moreover, you should be ready to spend your hard-earned money as well. Hence, if you use white-label cryptocurrency exchange software, then it will be profitable for you.

  1. Beneficial if you lack technical knowledge

Leveraging this could be more beneficial if you don’t have much programming knowledge in the domain.

  1. Lowers labor expenses

You don’t need to hire a team separately to create your own cryptocurrency exchange. Since you have readymade software with you, you can start it instantly! This, in turn, can cut down your costs.

  1. More reliable

Since you are getting your software from the best & reputed agency, you can leverage the factor of reliability here. Moreover, they will be readily available to support you in any case if you experience any issues.

  1. Take your brand to higher levels

You have your own name, own logo, own design. This can boost the credibility of your brand to the next phases.

Features of White label Crypto Exchange Software

Here is the set of features that you can get in the software

  1. Order Book
  2. Initial Exchange Offering Module
  3. Security Token Exchange
  4. Margin Trading
  5. Liquidity API
  6. Escrow Services
  7. Investor Console
  8. Issuer Console
  9. Mobile Application Support
  10. Pending Transactions Management
  11. Firewall Integration
  12. KYC/AML Automation
  13. Trading Bot
  14. Market Orders
  15.  Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

These features can be customized as per your requirements. The main beneficial factor of using a white-label crypto exchange solution is inexpensive than developing a crypto exchange from scratch. The cost usually depends on the customizations and complexity of your project.

To know more about this software, you can check this article >> White label Crypto Exchange Development


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