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What should you not miss in Turkey?

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Turkey is a vast country with lots of activities for people to do. Many people from around the world travel to the country for their vacations. Turkey is ruled by many empires in the past such as the ottomans empire and the Byzantines. That is why the country has a lot of historic architectures to watch. Also, Turkey is the one of those country in the world that lies in two sub continents. So, the European side of the country is very modern and follows the western culture. In this article we will discuss the activities you should not miss when you visit Turkey.

1) The city of Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the famous cities in the world. It is the pathway between Europe and Asia for Turkey. The west Istanbul is less advanced in comparison to eastern Europe. Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Basilica cistern, and the Hippodrome are all one of the best places in Istanbul to visit. Moreover, you can visit the grand bazaar for shopping and Taksim square where you can find people from every country.

2) Turkish cuisine and drink

Of course, it is obvious that anyone travelling turkey will have food and drink there. But many people don’t try the country’s food. Instead, they eat KFC and McDonalds. Turkish food is one of the best in the world. It is not limited to only kebabs and delights. Every place has their own specialty such as the Mediterranean coast focuses on the sea food.  Similarly, the black sea is famous for dairy products and tea. You can also ask the locals there about the food, the locals are very friendly and will guide you to the perfect restaurant.

3) Cappadocia

Antalya is the city’s second most famous tourist destination. Though tourist travel to many places but this one is most on everyone’s top list. The place has many world heritage sites including Goreme open air museum and the ancient churches. You can also experience the underground city in Cappadocia which the locals here used in early days to hide them from invading forces.

4) Pamukkale and ancient ruins

Pamukkale comes in the top 5 places in Turkey. The place is full of snow and running water. Tourist call this place a cotton castle. Many people come this place during day time from the near beach resort. After spending few time there and dipping there feet in cold water, they travel towards the ancient ruins left and made by romans.

5) Turkish bath

Our article and your trip both would have been incomplete if we miss out mentioning Turkish bath. This ritual is known as hammam in Turkey, and the ritual was started by Romans. It decreases your stress level and makes you feel relaxed.


These were the few important activities and places that you should not miss on your travel to Turkey. Though there is much more to Turkey, but we listed the most important ones that can make your Turkey trip worth it. I hope after reading our article you will be able to make a great plan for your Turkey vacations.

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