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What makes cotton fabric the popular choice?

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Cotton is a very common fabric that is being used around the world since decades. It is not only cultivated for clothes, but it is also cultivated for products like bedsheet, medical supplies and bed linen too. There are many reasons because of cotton’s consistency in market. In this article we are going to discuss them all.

1) It is very easily accessible and affordable.

Cotton is very cheap and widely available fabric in the whole world. Cultivation is done in huge amounts. Many countries economy is totally dependent on cotton export making cotton accessible as well as decreasing its price.

2) Quality and Versatility

Cotton is a very light weight fabric that is why it is used in many clothing materials. You may have seen sarees, shirts, pants and dresses, bed sheets and many more items. Cotton can be easily dried and gains color quickly. Moreover, it has a very light texture that is why people find it comfortable. They wear it in their day to day life. Not only ordinary wearing but, it is also used in wedding outfits.

Cotton is quite long lasting whilst as compared to other materials. Not like its peers, the molecular structure of cotton strengthens when moist. This indicates you may wash cotton clothes repeatedly with much less worry of wear and tear. Cotton is regularly blended with synthetic materials like nylon or polyester to create better fabric options.

3) Eco-friendly

Cotton is naturally cultivated and is extra natural and more eco-friendly than different textiles. It is sustainable – not like chemically based fibers which are derived from nonrenewable sources like petroleum. This material is likewise biodegradable, making it a splendid desire for clothes when they’ve finished their life cycle.

4) Suitable for printing

Our favorite purpose to use cotton is its capability to tackle almost every shape of decoration. Cotton is capable of face up to the utility of chemical compounds, inks, warmness, pressure, and pressure throughout decoration. Fabrics like spandex and polyester can scorch and soften under some of those situations, however cotton holds proper. Direct-to-garment, screen printing, embroidery – cotton can manage all of it and is the proper reigning material king!


After reading the article you may have realized why cotton is used so widely. Many countries who export it have cotton very cheap in their country such as China, India and Pakistan. Furthermore, cotton characteristics are remarkable making it one of the reasons why cotton is so popular now.



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