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Startup culture is here to stay! The fact that startup ventures contributed USD 3 trillion to the economy from 2017 to 2019 is a testament to their veritable prowess and influence. Countries like the USA, India, and China ace the startup race by being hospitable zones for business proliferation. However, with hundreds of thousands of new companies propping up each year, is there any idea that is not yet executed? Such a possibility seems unlikely, but the crux of the matter remains that there are several domains, wherein you can fill the entrepreneurial gap.

With the right startup resources and a head of full crazy ideas, success is just a few steps away. If you want to know about some wacky business ideas not yet executed, read ahead.


  1. Food Startups Sound Scrumptious – Experts opine that food startups always have a scope to be successful. The service of meal planning, making lists, buying food items, and delivering them to clients’ doorstep is a startup idea that can make you millions. For instance, the concept of meal preparation is still novel, and companies such as ‘Hello Fresh’ has not yet monopolized the market. Thus, a well-thought-out food startup might be the next million-dollar startup idea.
  2. B2B Wholesale Online Portal India – Aliexpress has been an exemplary startup that swept over the entire B2B domain, unlike anything else. Similarly, Udaan – an Indian b2b space, has already become a unicorn startup. Join the crowd and be a trailblazing technical co-founder of a B2B space (wholesale) where retailers may buy products at a discount to resell them at a higher price in the market.. Niches such as fashion and apparel or consumable organic goods are optimal for a b2b wholesale online portal. 
  3. Electric Cars – Yes, taking over Tesla and finding a new line of stylish yet affordable electric cars, indeed, sounds crazy. However, with fuel prices soaring worldwide and environmental concerns continuing to plague both developed and developing countries alike, there is a terrific opportunity for someone to design and devise sleek and budget-friendly electric vehicles. Likewise, another ancillary startup idea that comes with electric cars is a charging network in reach for nearly everyone.
  4. No-code App Development SaaS Business – Currently, 54 percent of the time people spend on digital media is on mobile apps. Thus, the significance of apps is at an unprecedented high. So, nowadays, everyone wants to develop an app, but not everyone is equally adept with tech skills. For such a cohort, no-code app development software comes to the rescue. The field is comparatively but has an immense scope as it allows people to drag and drop an application. Therefore, no-code app development is a ripe area where startup resources and ventures can flourish.
  5. Space Tourism – Another crazy startup idea with a somewhat ‘Tesla-Esque twist’ is space tourism. We all have heard Elon Musk devising plans to colonize Mars. Thus, is the time not far when space tourism, moon tourism, or even Mars tourism becomes accessible? The idea, indeed, sounds crazy, but the presence of Virgin Galactic and SpaceX provides a tad bit of realism to the whole concept. Thus, a wacky and far-fetched startup idea that has been untouched is space tourism.
  6. Non-STEM EdTech Startup – Byju’s, Upgrad, Vedantu, Toppr, Unacademy, etc., are household names in India. But, there is undoubtedly scope for other similar ventures to carve out their niche. The crux of the matter is that you should not brush away from the idea of an EdTech startup idea simply because the market has multiple players. If multiple players were a decisive factor, we would have never had Gmail, Amazon, Swiggy, or even Google Search. The scope for innovation, and thus success, within the EdTech domain, is massive, especially after the rise of online learning post the COVID-19 Pandemic. Therefore, you can become the technical co-founder of an EdTech company and climb the stairs to success.
  7. Coworking Daycare Space – The scope of building a coworking space with an attached daycare service is massive in today’s day and age. With the reopening of the economy and the Work-from-office on the rise, parents are yet again bound to leave their children and go to work. The ordeal becomes easier if private office spaces have an attached and equipped daycare facility for toddlers and kids. It is a unique startup idea that you can definitely bank on!
  8. Data Analytics Startup – A business idea centered on data analytics is no longer rocket science. You could, for instance, launch a specialized analytics firm dedicated to combating financial crime. And so that consumers may use electricity more efficiently and save money, you can also provide them with real-time energy analytics insights. Thirdly, also a massive scope to begin a data analytics and AI-driven startup that focuses on understanding students’ learning habits to carve personalized curriculums for them. Finally, it would not be erroneous to assert that data is equivalent to ‘oil’ in the 21st century and is a currency with infinite possibilities.
  9. Bike or Carpooling Application for Tier 3 Cities and Towns – Carpooling giants like Uber and Ola, have a clientele that pertains to Tier 2 and Tier 1 cities of metropolitan India. However, Tier 3 cities and towns, especially in developing countries like India, lag considerably in terms of public transportation and budget-friendly and accessible taxi services. Thus, the time is now optimal to ideate a bike or taxi service for small towns. The idea has revolutionary potential, and you can invest startup resources in something similar.
  10. Tea to the Rescue – Capitalizing on one of the two most loved drinks in the world is both dialectically easy and challenging. For example, in India, we can see ventures like Chaos and Chai Point carving out a specific niche by elevating tea to a rather urbane phenomenon. However, what is now amiss in the tea-brewing sector is rusticity. So, tea-serving chains that focus on ‘going back to the roots and providing a wholesome experience to consumers can go a long way.

Thus, there we have it, the top ten crazy startup ideas that still need execution. If you plan to build your startup, then tools like a startup equity calculator will come in handy.

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