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What is the Difference between Skilled Nominated and Skilled Independent Visas

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The Skilled Independent visa and the Skilled nominated visa are visas that are created to allow young and skilled people from other countries to live and work in Australia. They are not the same compared to other visas as they are points tested.

In this guide, you will learn some of the basic differences between the visa subclass 190 and 189 visas. Other than that, you will also learn the differences in their requirements and processing times. 

Benefits of Having a Skilled Independent and Skilled Nominated Visa 

These are the two visas that people highly seek out outside of Australia, and they provide benefits to both the main applicant and family members to be permanent residents in Australia. Those who are granted a subclass 189 or 190 visas can enjoy the following rights:

  • To live and work in Australia for a set time
  • To study in Australia 
  • To enrol in Medicare 
  • To apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible to do so
  • To sponsor their relatives for permanent residency in the country 
  • To travel in and out of Australia for around five years from the date the visa is granted. 

What Are Some Differences Between 189 and 190 Visas in Australia? 

While the 190 visas in Australia and the 189 visas are similar in some aspects, there are many differences between these visas which will be explained below: 

  • State/Territory sponsorship 

One of the major differences between the subclass 189 and 190 visas is the need for sponsorship from an Australian territory or state. Only under the 190 visa do you need to be sponsored by a territory or a state of Australia. This is why there are other criteria that you must meet to be eligible for this visa.

You are not required to be sponsored for the subclass 189 visa, meaning there are no kinds of state or territory sponsorship. You can work and live permanently anywhere you want in Australia. As you need state or territorial sponsorship for the 190 visas, you need to determine the criteria imposed by a certain territory or state that you want to seek sponsorship. 

The criteria for the Skilled nominated visa subclass 190 may depend upon multiple factors like your nominated occupation if you are inside or outside Australia and individual state/territory. You need to review these criteria as specific employment and residence requirements will apply to each state and territory. 

  • Occupation lists 

Another difference between the 190 and 189 visas is the available skilled occupation lists. Under the 189 visa, you do not need to acquire a state or territory nomination; you only need to nominate an occupation available on the MLTSSL list. But in terms of the 190 visa, you need to be sponsored by a state or a territory sponsorship; you need to ensure that your occupation is there on the particular state or territory occupation. 

The states and territories will select the occupations from either the STSOL or MLTSSL; some differences may be based on whether the applicant is offshore or onshore. Even postgraduate streams are available for Masters’s or PhD graduates, and criteria may differ based on the state or territory. 

190 Visa Document Checklist 

Some of the documents that you need to provide as per the 190 visa requirements are as follows:

  • During the time you apply for the 190 visas, you need to have a valid passport and also submit copies of your passport pages.
  • You also need to have a national ID card and other types of identification documents along with copies. 
  • You also must ensure that you provide documents proving your good character, including form 1221 and form 80. 
  • You also need to prove your English language proficiency and provide documents related to expressions of interest.
  • You also need to submit copies of your skill assessment documents. 
  • If people assist you in filling the applications, then you need to submit either form 956a or 956.

189 Visa Document Checklist 

You must provide these documents to fulfil the requirements of the 189 visa application:

  • You must provide a copy of your passport pages and your personal details.
  • You also need to provide copies of your national identity card.
  • You must also provide an Expression of interest or EOI for the points tested subclass 189 visa.
  • You must also provide character documents along with form 80.
  • You will also need to show evidence of your proficiency in the English language, but it is not required under the New Zealand stream.
  • For this Australian visa, you also need to provide skill assessment documents. Other than that, you need to show documents that prove your name change. 
  • For the New Zealand stream, you need to provide residence and income documents. 

Processing Time for the 190 Skilled Nominated Visa 

Under this 190 visa, you can live and work in Australia as a permanent resident. As it is a permanent visa, you need to be nominated by either a state or a territory government. The average 190 visa processing time is as follows:

  • In around ten months, around 75% of the visa applications are processed, while it takes 12 months for 90% of the applications to be processed. 

Processing Time for the 189 Skilled Independent Visa 

This visa allows workers with skills to work and live permanently in Australia. This is also considered a permanent visa; under this visa, relatives do not need state or territory sponsorship. The current processing times for this visa are:

  • For the 189 visas, it takes around 20 months for 75% of the visa applications to be processed and close to 24 months for 90% of the visa applications to get processed. You can consult immigration services in Adelaide to know more about the processing times of the visa. 

Bottom Line

Though the 189 and 190 visas in Australia are similar, there are some differences between the two of them. If you want to apply for either visa, you must keep the rules and requirements in mind. The best migration agents Adelaide can help you in this visa application process by gathering needed information and helping you fill out the form. 

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