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What is conjunctivitis (pink eye)?

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conjunctivitis, usually known as “pink eye,” is an infection or swelling in your conjunctiva, which is a thin, transparent layer that lies over the internal surface of the eyelid and covers the white area of your eye.

At the point when you have pink eye, veins in your conjunctiva become inflamed. This gives your eye the red or pink variety that is usually connected with conjunctivitis.

There are perhaps a couple of kinds of pink eye that accompany fluctuating side effects and medicines.


Various kinds of pink eye can accompany somewhat various side effects, yet as a general rule, it’s essential to converse with a specialist on the off chance that you begin to encounter:

  • Pink or red-conditioned eyes
  • A dirty inclination in your eyes
  • Watery or thick release that develops on your eyes around evening time
  • Irritation in your eyes
  • The strange measure of tears

Types and causes

As a general rule, there are three principal classes of pink eye:

  • Infectious
  • Allergic
  • Chemical

Irresistible conjunctivitis

Irresistible pink eye arrives in a couple of types, including:

  • Bacterial
  • Viral
  • Bacterial pink eye is brought about by staphylococcal or streptococcal microorganisms. It normally happens because of things like contacting your eyes with messy hands, sharing cosmetics, or having actual contact with somebody who may likewise have conjunctivitis.
  • Viral pink eye is normally brought about by normal cold infections. It can happen to assume that somebody with upper respiratory disease hacks or wheezes near you. It can likewise happen when you have a cool infection yourself and clean out your nose excessively hard. This can push the contamination from your respiratory framework to your eyes.

Allergic conjunctivitis

A great many people with hypersensitive pink eye have sensitivities to pollen. They can get pink eye in the event that they interact with a substance they’re sensitive to, similar to dust.

It’s additionally conceivable to foster an unfavorably susceptible kind of pink eye called goliath papillary conjunctivitis assuming you wear hard contact focal points or delicate contact focal points that aren’t supplanted much of the time enough.

Chemical conjunctivitis

You can get pink eye from aggravations, for example,

  • Chlorine in pools
  • Air contamination
  • Openness to different chemicals


Preventing the spread of pink eye

Practice good hygiene to control the spread of pink eye. For example:

  • Try not to contact your eyes with your hands.
  • Clean up frequently.
  • Utilize a spotless towel and washcloth every day.
  • Try not to share towels or washcloths.



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