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What Eats Lions? – List of Lion Predators

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Lions can eat a LOT! On average, male lions consume 7kg of food a day, while female lionesses consume 4.5kg. It is possible for both animals to consume up to 15% of their body weight in one meal. That’s the equivalent of 70 cans of cat food for a male! Despite not being hungry, lions are well known for being greedy and hunting animals. When a lion tucks into a juicy zebra, it often forgets about its previous kill if another animal approaches.

Lions are big, strong, and very intelligent animals. Being one of the largest cats in the world, they can capture prey such as zebras, wildebeests, and buffalo with ease. They use stealth as part of their hunting strategy by stalking their prey slowly without causing much sound.

Lions are good at doing things like this. They use their agility, strength, and speed to get what they want. Like you would use for hunting and capturing prey. Well, since there is more than one lion involved in a hunt, they don’t mind each other tagging along during these activities either!

Lion Predators: Animals that Eat Lion

The list of animals that are known as lion predators is here. There are very few instances of lions eating other animals and vice versa. The nature of competition among creatures cannot be avoided, however.


Hyenas are large carnivores that show in spotted and non-spotted shades. Forests in Africa are usually home to these animals. Hyenas and lions are fierce enemies in forests due to their natural competition. It is common for hyenas to steal food from one another. The hyena is therefore one of the main predators of lions.


Lions are often considered to be the top predator. But a new form of predator is in for them. They are leopards which are more dangerous than lions and can easily kill lions. Leopards and lions share a habitat, and both seek food from the same prey. As lions are stronger and have leverage over leopards, leopards usually don’t kill adult lions. Leopards often hunt single lionesses and cubs in the wilderness. Lions obtain the most benefits from hunting while leopards go after anything that moves.

3-African wild dogs

The African wild dog has gained popularity for attacking and killing lions. The truth is that after studying their behavior, it seems that African wild dogs have the intelligence and some opportunities to kill lions are at their disposal always. The situation is not the same as in the case of other types of predators, otherwise, they would not be so successful in killing multiple lions at once.


Rhinos are dangerous animals in the forest and grassland biome, as they are powerful. They also have large bodies that make them a threat to any animals. Due to their large body structure, rhinoceros make them a threat to lions. Sometimes, they become prey to lions but lions have to be in large quantities because they cannot land one easily. Rhinos use their horns as weapons when they fight other animals. A sharp hit of its horn can cause severe injuries to the lion, giving them no chance of survival.


Porcupine is much smaller than other animals on the ground. But not to be taken for granted it is a formidable predator. It can kill predators like lions and leopards. Porcupine uses their spikes as an attacking weapon to fight off predators. When it encounters lions, porcupines attack them with their sharp spiny quills. This makes it heavy and hard to get away from the predator attack.

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