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Top 6 Incontinence Aids Used by the Elderly

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The elderly with urinary incontinence find it very difficult to function normally at times. It is embarrassing and also not hygienic. They sneeze and then dribble. They laugh, but then they fear it will leak. For them, it is not easy to control their urine, which can cause social embarrassment. 

Urine incontinence is an umbrella term that includes many bladder problems that affect more than 12 million elderly. If your elderly is one of them, you must look after their hygiene levels and help them to maintain and manage it. To help them out, you need to provide them with incontinence aid that will help them. And there are many products available in the market like tena pants, bed sheet protector, and many more, which help with this condition. To know more about such products and find out which one will work best for your elderly, keep reading further and discover it yourself. 

1. Bed Sheet Protector:

A bed sheet protector is also called a bed pad or an underpad. These are cotton or polyester made that help keep the mattress and the bedsheet clean and dry every night. It is an absorbent that is placed on the top of the mattress. It lies just below the elderly in the bed, which helps absorb the urine. It can also be placed on chairs and on couches as well. 

It also helps the elderly to maintain good hygiene and keep them dry and safe. It results in a good and undisturbed sleep for them and also helps to lock the odour. It also helps prevent the moisture from spreading to their partners, which could result in their sleep being disturbed and their partners. 

The major advantage of bed sheet protectors is that it comes in different sizes and staples. So, you can pick the one that is the best fit for your elders. Also, these are disposable and reusable as well. Some of these also have an odour lock protection system built in. It has a grip so that it does not move and stays in one position. 

2. Adult Diapers:

Adult diapers are other options that work best for adults. As it comes in many different sizes, shapes, and styles, and it fits perfectly with each and every elderly. It provides protection against urine incontinence. So, it helps both the bowel and the bowel incontinence caused. Elders can socialize and go out for a walk or in a park wearing it in a park, which helps them to be comfortable and dry.     

Adult diapers are also known as adult briefs, which helps them keep the diapers intact and in position while they sit, stand, or just take a nap. One of the best things about this is that it comes with adjustable side tabs, which makes it easy for caregivers to change it when required. 

3. Mattress Protector:

Mattress protectors are designed especially for the elderly. It is a waterproof mattress that fits the bed of the elderly. It goes above the mattress to protect it from wetness and odour. It has an absorbent that helps keep the mattress clean and dry. 

As there are many different kinds and sizes of beds, it also comes in different sizes. So that it perfectly fits the bed mattress. It also has reusable and disposable options so that it is easy for caregivers to keep the beds of the elderly clean. 

4. Incontinence Underwear:

Incontinence underwear is also called incontinence pants. These are very similar to the adult briefs, therefore also called adult pull-ups. The only difference is that these do not have side tabs. It is more like underwear with a wide stretchable waistband. So, it is easy to wear it like normal underpants and also remove them. These work best for the elderly that need protection against leakage, but these are not as fast as adult diapers to wear. But independent elderly prefer these over diapers, as these are less bulky. Since they fit perfectly into the body of the elderly, it also makes less noise and is much quieter. The only thing is that these are not made for heavy bowel incontinence. 

5. Disposable Pads and Guards:

Disposable incontinence pads or guards are inserted into the underwear of the seniors to help them protect against urine incontinence. These have absorbent gel material that helps to keep them clean and dry. These are waterproof and have odour protection as well. These are made for both men and women and usually do not move from their place. 

These are not designed for bowel incontinence but provide great protection against bladder incontinence. The best part about these is that they can easily be removed from the underwear and thrown out once used. The elderly do not need to change their underpants multiple times a day. That helps you save a lot of your time, water, and energy. 

6. Bladder Supports:

Bladder supports are designed only for females. These are inserted into the vagina with a tampon-like applicator. It provides pressure on the urethra that helps to block urine leakage. But these are not absorbents, unlike tampons. 

There are many different kinds of bladder supports, and it comes with their own levels of protection from leakage. Some are reusable; some are disposable after a single use. It helps women have weak pelvic floors. 


Ageing is not easy, and it has its own challenges. But bladder incontinence should not leave any elderly feeling embarrassed about themselves. It should not be the reason for their disturbed sleep or for not maintaining proper hygiene. These products help to manage incontinence with dignity, allowing them to enjoy their life and be more socializing and outgoing irrespective of their medical condition. If your elderly is going through this condition alone, then it is your responsibility to provide them with these products so they do not face a difficult time not enjoying their life. And also, this should become a part of their daily life, and they should feel comfortable wearing these aids. You need to decide which ones will make your elderly feel more comfortable to use for longer use.

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