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Top 5 Car Rental Apps

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car rental business

Car Rental Business App

I’m happy that you are about to begin your dream business and excited to be a part of it.

In this article, we will be exploring how you can get started with your car rental business, how much you can make from your business, and everything you need to know.

With some expert tips included!

Is it similar to the car rental store close to my home?

No, the online automobile rental business is unlikely to have a physical location. Customers can rent vehicles through their digital presence (website/mobile app).

Marketing helps your car rental business identify your customers’ needs and serve them better.

In this article, with all my marketing expertise, I will share the tips and tricks that you can use to improve your car rental business revenue.

Reasons why marketing is vital for your auto rental business

  1. It will help help you reach your target audience using the best medium possible.
  2. Your customers can understand what you offer and how you differ from your competitors.
  3. Marketing helps your car rental business customers to make informed decisions.
  4. Marketing educates your audience and helps them find the best possible solution to their problem.
  5. Your business might get multiple sources of revenue with omnichannel marketing.

What are car rental apps?

A car rental app is a platform where car owners will rent their cars and the renters will rent the car for a certain period of time. The benefits of car rental apps are much affordable and easily accessible.

RentALL Cars – Airbnb clone for cars simplify your work process with a dedicated dashboard for admins, and car owners to manage the car information, operations, and legal records. These steer to increase productivity and efficiency

Car rental industry statistics

The Revenue of the car rental industry is expected to reach US$4,036M by 2025.
In 2020, User penetration is 1.5% and is expected to hit 5.3% by 2025.
The average revenue per user is expected to amount to US$47.17

5 Best Car Rental Apps

1. Turo

It has a total of 14 million members and 450,000 vehicles listed in 2020.

Car owners should accept or decline the request within 8 hours.

After the completion of the trip, the renter returns the car to the owner.

2. Getaround

Getaround is an online peer-to-peer car-sharing service founded in 2009 by Sam Zaid, Jessica Scorpio, and Elliot Kroo. It had up to 5 million users and nearly 20,000 cars around the world by 2019.

Getaround operates in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, New Jersey, Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, and Washington D.C.

Get around comes up with the unique feature of intelligent pricing. It helps car owners to make more profit by optimizing the pricing of the car automatically based on ongoing demands.

3. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an American car rental company founded by Jack C. Taylor in 1957. It is headquartered in Clayton, Missouri, United States. It is serving nearly 8000 locations worldwide.

4. ZipCar

Zip car is an American car-sharing company founded in 2000 by Antje Danielson and Robin Chase. It has nearly 1 million members across 500 cities in 9 countries and offers nearly 10,000 vehicles. It has multiple languages to communicate easily with users.

ZipCar has the option to book a car on an hourly basis or day basis.

5. Hertz

It is an American-based second largest car rental company that operates in 10,200 cities and 150 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and New Zealand.

Hertz had a revenue of US$9.8 billion, assets of US$24.6 billion, and 38,000 employees in 2019.

How much does it cost to build the best car rental app?

We can determine a rough estimate based on the below-listed major aspects,

  • Total number of hours invested
  • Platforms (iOS and Android)
  • Size of the development team
  • The complexity of the app
  • Features and technologies involved
  • Design

What are RentALL Cars?

RentALL Cars is an advanced car rental script that allows you to easily develop your own car rental apps within a short time.

Car rental script is a readymade and customizable car rental marketplace platform to help startups set up their business faster. Owners can manage all the reservations, customers’ information, payment transactions, and the car inventory list with a simple and powerful dashboard of the car rental system.

We are armed with a technical team of experts in developing a unique car rental script that performs best in delivering high-standard results.

Bring your car rental business ideas to the market with less turnaround time and experience the finest difference with the best peer-to-peer car sharing script.

Why choose RentALL Cars?

  • Customizable
  • Hassle-free payments
  • User- friendly
  • Global reach
  • Better technical support

Car Reservation System

Entrepreneurs can run a car rental business online or offline. The offline business functions by customers calling the company’s number to book a rental or by visiting the office.

Customers who have a smartphone in their hands can book a car through the website or mobile app of the company.

They find it easy to book a rental anywhere and at any time through the online car reservation system.

Let’s look deeper.

Benefits of using a car reservation system for your business

1. Oversee reservations happen on the platform

The online car reservation system lets business owners oversee all the reservations quickly without much struggle.

They can find the number of reservations happening per day and the status of each reservation.

2. Easy to identify new users to your platform

The business owners can identify the number of new users signed up on the platform.

They can track the number of new users per day, week, and the total number of users signed up on the platform.

The number gives insights to:

  • the effect of the marketing campaigns on your business
  • how your business positively received from customers

3. Manage the reviews given by the customers to the car owners

Through the car rental reservation system, owners can view and manage all the reviews given by the customers to the concerned car owners and vice-versa.

4. Find driver’s and customers details immediately

Business owners can easily discover specific driver or customer information in a minute by car reservation software.

5. Fastest way to reach millennial customers

It offers an advantage to business owners to attract young users to their businesses.

6. Improves business visibility

Your car rental app/website is easy to market online. Social media and search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing provide opportunities for companies to advertise their brand to a specific target audience.

7. Easy to understand user’s needs and preferences

As the whole business runs online, it is easy to know the user’s reservation preference. You can analyze their behavior and understand where they find difficulty in using a web page.

With the help of heatmaps tools, you can analyze, track, and come to clear conclusions on the users’ behavior on your platform.

Is the car rental business profitable?

Absolutely, yes!

How do online car rental businesses make money?

Online rental businesses use a commission-based revenue model like Turo. They earn from the commissions they get from the car owners who list on their platform and customers who use their platform to book a rental

How does a car rental business work?

The car rental business acts as a marketplace that connects car owners and customers. Customers use the car rental platform to book their rental and car rental owners list their cars on the platform.


Use the car reservation software for your business needs and soar higher. Our RentALL Cars is a readymade car rental script for entrepreneurs and startup owners.

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