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Top 4 Best Mobile Locator Online That Facilitates Communication

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If you want to locate a lost mobile phone or find someone close to you, then you should try one of the top 4 Best mobile locator online services. This article will provide you with the details of the four most popular options on the web. These include uMobix, Life360, TrackView, and XNSPY. Each service has their pros and cons, and we’ll examine each one briefly. Once you’ve chosen the right one, you can enjoy the ease of use and security they provide.


The free version of Life360 is a good choice if you want to share location and messaging with friends and family. But if you want to track more people, you can also download the paid version. The paid version has additional features, such as driving reports, speed alerts, and emergency help services. In addition, the Life360 app is compatible with your computer and lets you browse the map from there.

You can locate up to four phones at once with Life360. You don’t have to monitor individual devices, but the app will send you text messages whenever someone moves. It also gives you a history of where the targeted phone has been. The premium version is available for $5 a month for the whole family. Other features include GPS navigation, roadside assistance, and protection from stolen phones.

With Life360, you can track and message your loved one in real time. This app works cross-platform on iOS and Android devices and lets family members know when their loved one enters a certain location. It also has a panic option, which not only alerts you when someone enters a predefined location, but also sends emergency beacons to alert family members. The app also lets you chat with your loved one and see the timeline of previous locations.


TrackView is a mobile device locator and tracker that lets you see the current location of a mobile user. You can use the service to find lost or stolen devices, kids, and even your home. This app uses GPS to find users in real-time. You can even get alerts to your mobile device if your device goes missing. You can also filter the track data using different UI items.

One of the great features of TrackView is that it can record both audio and video of the surroundings. Its Night Vision feature records videos even when it is dark outside, and the app allows you to activate a remote flash to capture the video. You can even speak to the monitored device with the push of a button. There are two subscription plans available, Silver Monthly and Gold Monthly. The free trial period lasts for one month, after which the unused portion will be removed.

Another cool feature of this service is that it allows you to filter and view different tracks of mobile users. This feature is available in the mobile locator app itself, or in an external map. It provides an overview of last known locations and tracks of mobile users, allowing you to see where your mobile device is. If you want to see the location of a mobile device, you can also add the app to your phone’s app launcher.


If you want to track your child’s whereabouts, you should use uMobix. This free mobile locator uses the GPS system of the remote device to transmit information in real time. It allows you to view the location of your child and gives you detailed reports of all the places he/she has been. uMobix also supports Google Maps and lets you block calls, SMS messages, and websites from the target’s phone.

After installing uMobix on your target device, you must enable User Accounts on the device you are trying to track. You will get a warning and must click “OK” to proceed. Afterwards, you will need to type in your registration code. In my case, I received a 6-digit registration code via email. You can now access the uMobix website on your PC to track your target’s location.

Another important feature of uMobix is that it gives you access to the target device’s address book. Unlike other mobile locators, uMobix also stores data about deleted contacts. This means that you can screen your child’s contacts if you’re not around. You can also block social media sites and restrict access to educational websites. If your child does get into trouble online, uMobix can help you prevent the situation from getting worse.


While there are many mobile locator apps available online, XNSPY has the most advanced features of all. This program can monitor any Android or Apple device, and can upload recorded data to an online control panel. You can even access the device’s Gmail account to see who is communicating with whom. In addition, XNSPY can also track the target’s location. It even has the ability to view photos stored on the target’s device.

XNSPY features a keyword alert system that lets you know if the target is out of bounds. The app is also equipped with a geofencing feature that lets you know if an employee is roaming outside the perimeter of the company’s property during working hours. It also has a remote control feature, which lets you send commands to the device to see ambient surroundings.

Another feature of this application is its ability to monitor the target’s online and offline activities. The XNSPY application allows you to view contacts and call logs remotely. It is also capable of monitoring WhatsApp conversations. This application is one of the safest and most advanced mobile locators online, and can help you keep an eye on your children. It will allow you to monitor your children and employees remotely. You can also listen to recordings of phone conversations.

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