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Tips on Buying Your Dream Wedding Gown

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A stunning wedding gown on a mannequin in a bridal shop.

Tips on Buying Your Dream Wedding Gown

Congrats on getting engaged to the love of your life! There’s no doubt that when wedding bells are ringing, it too comes with arduous preparation. And yes, that includes finding your bridal gown! Shopping for the wedding gown of your dreams can be an overwhelming endeavour. If you don’t know where to begin, we’re here to ease your worries and help in your search for “the one”.

Work with your Budget

Before anything else, set a budget for your wedding gown and stick with it. A clear budget early on ensures you avoid overspending and have funds remaining for other wedding-related expenses. A budget immediately trims down your options to help avoid getting overwhelmed by the many bridal gown options you may encounter. It’s critical to remember to set a realistic budget to strike a balance between the perfect wedding dress and getting your money’s worth.

Stick to your Wedding Theme

Early on, you and your partner should distinguish the wedding theme. After all, your bridal gown heavily relies on your wedding’s mood and setting! If you’re still clueless about the theme and pick a wedding dress beforehand, it’s a mistake waiting to transpire. You wouldn’t want to wear a ball gown at your beach wedding. A wedding theme makes it easier to look for wedding gown inspiration and find dresses for your bridal party.

Shop and Order the Gown Early

Ideally, you should order your wedding dress six to eight months before your special day. A generous time frame ensures plenty of time to make adjustments and alterations to make the wedding gown fit you like a glove. When shopping for a bridal gown, you must give yourself 10-12 months to look at your options. If your schedule permits, try booking your visit to a bridal shop on a weekday to avoid a stressful crowd during your fitting.

Keep an Open Mind

Perhaps, you already have a specific dream wedding gown style in mind. Unfortunately, overly high expectations of your bridal gown typically lead to disappointment. When shopping for a wedding dress, you must keep an open mind because you’ll never know what you’ll discover upon your search. You might find a style you never knew you wanted, yet it’s become an instant fave! Don’t be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event with your partner!

Identify your Body Type

When looking for a wedding gown, an essential aspect to consider is your body type. Certain styles accentuate certain body types more than others. When you have an asset, you want to flaunt it! A wedding dress that accentuates your body makes you feel even more beautiful in your gown. You don’t necessarily have to choose the exact dress for your body type; however, it’s a great reference point. You know you’ve found the perfect wedding dress when you try it on, and it just feels right. Too many choices become exhausting and stressful to weave through. It’s best to narrow down your options before visiting different bridal shops. The perfect bridal gown will bring extra confidence on your special day!

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