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The sterilization principle of potassium hydrogen persulfate

Potassium hydrogen persulfate refers to potassium hydrogen persulfate complex salt, which is an inorganic acidic oxidant.

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Potassium hydrogen persulfate refers to potassium hydrogen persulfate complex salt, which is an inorganic acidic oxidant. Potassium hydrogen persulfate compound salt is a new type of active oxygen disinfectant. As a fifth-generation disinfectant, it has a very strong and effective non-chlorine oxidizing ability. Its aqueous solution is acidic, which is very suitable for disinfection of various water bodies. Various highly active small molecule free radicals, reactive oxygen species and other derivatives will not form toxic by-products in water, and are extremely safe.

The sterilization principle of  potassium hydrogen sulfate 

Potassium monopersulfate is very similar to peroxyacetic acid, and the peroxy bonds are connected to sulfur atoms and carbon atoms respectively. Potassium hydrogen persulfate is an inorganic substance, and its active ingredient for disinfection is monopersulfate ion, which can oxidize the protein of microorganisms. , resulting in the death of microorganisms. Potassium monopersulfate is a neutral salt, and the acidity of its aqueous solution is caused by the dissolution of potassium hydrogen sulfate in the complex salt to generate hydrogen ions. However, the stability of potassium persulfate under acidic conditions is much better than that under neutral conditions, and it will rapidly decompose under alkaline conditions. The compounded potassium persulfate compound salt is a potassium monopersulfate compound salt disinfectant made of sodium chloride, organic acid and potassium monopersulfate. Oxidation ability, chain reaction occurs in water, and new ecological oxygen, hypochlorous acid, free hydroxyl and hydrogen peroxide are continuously produced. Through the oxidation of new ecological oxygen and free hydroxyl groups, the permeability of the cell membrane can be changed to rupture it, so as to normalize the protective layer and achieve the purpose of killing bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses.

1. Oxygenation: The genuine potassium hydrogen persulfate complex salt itself contains oxygenation components, which can directly increase oxygen to the bottom of the water. In fact, not many of the bottom modification products really contain oxygen-enhancing ingredients.

2. Oxidation: The comprehensive expression of the redox potential of potassium hydrogen persulfate compound salt is 1.85ev, which can oxidize black sediment and other organic matter, while reducing the generation of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia nitrogen and nitrite.

3. Antibacterial: This is derived from the characteristics of potassium hydrogen persulfate, which can effectively control the reproduction of bacteria in the sediment and water, and reduce the impact of harmful bacteria on the bottom and water. Continuously reducing the increase of the total bacterial count in the sediment by a small degree is of great significance for inhibiting the rapid propagation of the total bacterial count and heterotrophic bacterial count in uncontrollable weather.

4. Transparency: This is an extremely important difference between genuine and fake products: Regular use of potassium hydrogen persulfate bottom modification tablets can clearly see that the bottom becomes looser and more transparent, which increases the buffer capacity of the bottom of the water body. In the face of some changes in the external environment, the entire water body ecology will have a strong resistance. And the fakes that are very strong in black mud, if they are used regularly, the bottom mud will be hardened, which reduces the comprehensive anti-buffering ability of the water body.

5. Diffusion: This is also an important area for genuine and fake products: regular use of genuine potassium persulfate will find that fertilizer and water products are significantly reduced, because genuine potassium persulfate will oxidize part of the organic matter deposited in the sediment and return it to the water body, On the one hand, the sediment is reduced, and on the other hand, the algae and other microorganisms in the water body are re-supplied, so that the water body can maintain the fertility for a longer time.

6. Water purification: Because the genuine potassium hydrogen persulfate itself has the functions of flocculation and bacteriostasis, it is generally found that the transparency of the water body will be improved on the second day after using the product. In addition, for sticky water, genuine potassium persulfate will also play an excellent water purification effect.

7. Detoxification: Organic acids and surfactants are added to the formula system of genuine potassium hydrogen persulfate compound salt, which can achieve the effect of removing a variety of harmful indicators in the water body, and can play a role in detoxification. In fact, after regular use, it can It was clearly observed that the farmed animals were very stable.

8. Deodorization: genuine potassium persulfate can remove and reduce the fishy odor of water, mainly because it can effectively decompose some odor-causing substances, such as ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, harmful algal secretions, etc. In fact, in the promotion of human products, potassium hydrogen persulfate has a product that can be used to deodorize toilets.

9. Feeding increase: Through the feedback from farmers, we found that during high temperature and muggy days, if the fish’s food intake decreases without disease, then throw sulfuric acid near the feed table or in the whole pond. With the modified hydrogen potassium bottom film, many ponds found that the food intake increased. We initially judged that it was because the dissolved oxygen was increased and the harmful indicators were reduced, thereby reducing the coercive factor of fish feeding, and finally increasing the food intake.

10. Disease resistance: Potassium hydrogen persulfate existed as a disinfectant at the beginning of its invention. In fact, high content of potassium hydrogen persulfate has a good killing effect on most harmful bacteria, and even its relative iodine and glutaraldehyde are in water bodies. It has a longer antibacterial time. In actual use, we found that in the treatment of certain diseases, we should use medium and high content of potassium hydrogen persulfate base modification tablets the night before, and then use some liquid disinfectants in the morning of the next day. The effect of the disease will be greatly improved.


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