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The Pristine Affair of Singapore Weddings

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The Pristine Affair of Singapore Weddings

“Something borrowed something blue… “. That is perhaps the most famous expression you will hear as a team planning for a Singapore weddings. Curiously, this rhyme comes from Western impacts. All in all, shouldn’t something be said about our way of life’s wedding rehearses? These practices are not set up for any great explanation. They are demonstrations of gifts and finished to recognize elderly folks – a fundamental feature in Asian culture.

Whether you are the lady of the hour or husband-to-be who doesn’t have the foggiest idea of what is happening at a customary Chinese wedding, here are customs, strange notions, and customs that you’ll find in a prosperous conventional Chinese Singapore wedding.

Auspicious Date to Get Married

At any point saw specific months where you get a surge of wedding welcomes while different months appear to be droughts? Many couples pick promising dates to get hitched, following the Tong Shu prescribes favorable dates to complete specific exercises. This frequently brings about specific dates and months being the pinnacle time frames for wedding functions.

Couples might try and make it a stride further and counsel a geomancer to choose a date in light of the couple’s singular Ba Zi (8 Characters). This is more customized to the couple rather than the more broad dates from the Tong Shu. This is the first step in Chinese Singapore marriage traditions.

Auspicious Colours

The promising ones that you’ll find in Chinese wedding traditions are red, yellow, and green. As a feature of every wedding custom at each conventional Chinese wedding, these tones will be available in all features of the wedding. Yet, the colors’ meaning could be a little clearer.

It just so happens, their representative importance has profound roots in Chinese culture: the promising variety red means satisfaction, favorable luck, and imperativeness, yellow addresses the earth and is the Head’s variety in antiquated China while green addresses cash and abundance.

The huge three tones are perfect for the big day as well as the Guo Da Li and are in many cases found on the lady of the hour’s wedding dress.

Incorporating Fengshui

Feng shui is a famous practice in Chinese culture. People apply it in a home or office to guarantee the equilibrium of energy in one’s current circumstance. A less popular practice is the Feng shui and the congruity of the zodiac creatures at significant undertakings. At a wedding, having great Feng shui is fundamental as it sets up the establishment for a couple’s decent future together.

In any case, some zodiac signs are viable with the lady and lucky man’s zodiac signs and having individuals. With these zodiac signs on the list of people to attend can be thought of as unpropitious for the couple. Do counsel a Fengshui ace for guidance on potential ominous Zodiac signs before making the wedding list of attendees.

Betrothal Gift Ceremony (Guo Da Li)

A typical Chinese Singapore Matrimony custom is the Guo Da Li (过大礼). Hung on a favorable date, at times 2 to about a month before the authority wedding date, this service is where the husband-to-be and lady of the hour’s folks meet formally and recognize the association of the two families.

During this service, loved ones of the lady of the hour receive an immaculate number of gifts. Contingent upon the vernacular gathering, Hakka, Cantonese, Hokkien, and Teochew, are the 4 predominant Chinese tongues in Singapore, and the idea of the gifts might vary.

Giving Gold Jewellery

A great deal of yellow and gold is available on a big day. It finds in the creases of a cheongsam. The improvements, and in particular, as gems enhance the lady of the hour’s hands, fingers, and neck. Part of the wedding custom is the giving of gold adornments to the couple.

Furthermore, it isn’t simply any adornments; 24-karat of unadulterated gold is ordinarily the norm. The lady of the hour receives the husband-to-be’s family gold, a soul-changing experience as a gesture of welcoming her to the family. Due to the rising cost of gold over the years, gold gifts represent riches.

Contingent upon which lingo bunch you are from, propitious images, for example, the mythical beast and the pig decorate. The gold that the lady will get on her big day. Today, the grandparents, guardians, and more seasoned individuals from the families on the two sides will give gems to the couple as a type of kind words, settlement, or pledge gift.


A less notable custom is the giving of Xi-Bing as the ‘wedding cake’ of the East. Dissimilar to Western customs to have one tremendous cake at the festivals. The Chinese practice is to give boxes of little wedding cakes. As a component of wedding behavior, the man of the hour’s side presents the gift of Xi-Bing to the lady’s side of the family. After getting a settlement in the pledge service Guo Da Li.

Today, Xi-Bing shops and skilled companions and family members face its demand to “share uplifting news and spread euphoria”. It comes in gift boxes of little bundles of treats and cakes.

An-Chuang/Bed Setting (安床)

Held after Guo Da Li and before the authority wedding day, An-Chuang is a fundamental ceremony for a healthy marriage. The guardians arrange the marriage room with new bed sheets and decorations, ideally in red or pink tones to favor them with posterity.

From the snapshot of setting the marriage space to the authority wedding day itself, nobody is to go into the marriage room, unsettle any furnishings, or have things under the marriage bed. On the other hand, the lady can find a youngster brought into the world in the extended time of the winged serpent to hop on the bed at the very latest the big day for favorable luck.

Tang Yuan

Tang Yuan is a favorite food item for the Light Celebration, Lunar New Year, Winter Solstice, and even weddings. It is conventional to eat sweet rice balls too on your big day to represent fellowship and family amicability.
The pastry’s name is likewise a reference to the “heavenly body”. Ordinarily, there is an amazing chance to photo the lady of the hour and husband-to-be taking care of it one another on the marriage bed during Guo Da Li.

Gate-crashing To Fetch Singapore Brides

Numerous youthful couples practice this for the tomfoolery experience and the giggles. It’s a staple regardless of whether they know the genuine significance behind it. The lucky man is to get the lady of the hour from her home, showing up with an escort of groomsmen to back him up.

The bridesmaids – who are with the lady – need to attempt to make it difficult for them to enter through different assignments and difficulties. This is representative showing that the family is hesitant to wed the lady off, and she ought to be “battled” for.

The groomsman and husband to be himself partake in these difficulties to demonstrate. They have the perseverance to overcome them to get the lady of the hour. Bridesmaids may likewise shamelessly anticipate that the groomsmen should settle up with a red parcel. Before at long last permitting them to enter.

Tea Ceremony

After the hoo-ha of the entryway crashing, the husband-to-be acquires the lady to his home and requests to play out the tea function for his folks and family members. The lady generally wears a red cheongsam and bows before her father by marriage.

With the lady on the left, the couple will stop before his family members while pouring and serving tea. Beginning from the husband-to-be’s folks, and afterward from the oldest to most youthful family members present. In the early evening, they return to the lady of the hour’s home to do likewise with her family.

The beverage served isn’t any ordinary pre-stuffed sachet. Longan and red date tea frequently utilize. This represents a sweet relationship and the birthing of posterity in the previous long stretches of their marriage.

A few couples might do this custom just before their wedding supper in confidential rooms, as certain family members will most likely be unable to make it on the day.

These were some of the Singapore wedding traditions that the Chinese wedding communities living there follow. These marriage ceremonies are beautiful, enjoyable, and hold deep meanings.


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