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The possibilities of Metaverse games syncing with real time games

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We all played video games as kids, and that was how we spent a lot of our free time. When we were kids, we frequently sat in front of the computer and played games to make sure we never finished our schoolwork on time. Ordinary PC games have given way to Nintendo, the PlayStation, the Xbox, the Wii, and many other gaming platforms. It is clear that gaming has advanced much because the animation is so lifelike.

But there’s more! If you thought playing video games on a computer was commonplace, game designers went one step further by adding a brand-new dimension where you reside in a virtual world – Metaverse and are free to do and be whatever you want.

Putting all of that aside, gaming has advanced with the emergence of NFT-based games, something we first didn’t think was possible. Play to Earn games where characters can be traded and purchased but are actually NFTs. Will these NFT Oriented games eventually replace regular games, raising the issue in the process? What if, we add another factor into the mix and also start to consider the involvement of real-world sports. Would it be possible to add them to the equation too, or will that become something that is completely irrelevant?  There is much to know before an answer is given and with that being said let us dive right into it.


Coming to an understanding


From the perspective of the classic game:


  • Higher-quality gaming provides the customer with a positive experience while also enabling them to make purchases. However, since the makers of the game or the firm own them, these purchases aren’t really yours. You get a false sense of ownership even though you don’t.
  • Users are still able to make purchases, but additional taxes are also levied that are not first visible and are only made clear midway through the transaction.
  • Even while traditional games have better graphics, they take up time with no payoff, and even on the expert level, not everyone could succeed in gaming.


The perspective of NFT gaming:


  • NFT gaming platforms allow users to not only have fun while playing games but also to own characters and stuff that can be purchased and sold using cryptocurrencies. They also help monetize the gameplay of the players and reward them with points that can be converted to real-world money.
  • Even while the graphics in the NFT games are currently inferior to those in our traditional games, they will eventually catch up because the market is expanding and developing quickly.
  • The game’s NFT characters can be purchase on the well-known Jump marketplace. In about 9 minutes, Jump.Trade and their Meta Cricket League game sold over 55,000 NFTs. That proves how large the audience is for it, I suppose.


Perspective of a physical sport or game

  • Gaming when compared to actual sports does not involve a lot of movement, and while it does give a lot of importance to reflexes and hand movement that’s all that there is to it. 
  • Sports syncing into the NFT gaming and metaverses is also a meek yet possible deal. The reason why this can actually also become an opportunity is because of the fact that you can do movements in real life and your online avatar would do the same with the help of VR and motion sensors.
  • Real life can be integrate with both NFT gaming and classic gaming but the efficiency and the output will greatly be alter when compare to the actual thing and this might not necessarily be good.


Simplifying it all

NFT Games are distinct from typical games, and when physical sports are include, it changes the entire dynamic. Notwithstanding all the differences listed below and the fact that they have a few more extra benefits, they differ in more ways than one and there’s a little bit more…


Jump.trade is a well-known NFT marketplace. It released its debut game, which featured NFTS. The sale of these NFTs right away is the reason this is being handle. It is not simple for someone to invest in these NFTs. Even if one were to take the market’s popularity into account. This demonstrates how conventional games are gradually fading away while remaining successful and powerful. The main cause of this may be the poor returns people receive from investing money in various characters, goods, skins, etc. However, because many athletes and competitive people earn a profession out of it as well, the same can be do in the case of physical games.


NFT games, while not having half the Graphic quality. Still draw in the populace because of their USP, which is the possibility of having exclusivity over a particular character.  No one but you has the same one. Unlike traditional games, these characters are all owned by the person who buys the NFT. Also considering the fact that the classic games are of a higher grade in terms of quality. In terms of physical games and sports, there is no need for this. This is because in real-world games, the action and everything is being do by the person.  There is no video or audio that is being display. People can see it crystal clear with their own eyes. The main objective of the NFT P2E game is to make use of the assets. That are being buy as something investible and not just redundant junk that lies in the inventory.


Yes, there is a good possibility that real-world games, physical sports.  The NFT realm can all be sync together and in some ways, the entire thing is already in progress. But we are a long way from actually reaching the desired result and there might be several reasons for this. However, one thing is certain, once all these different fields are able to fill up. What they lack and are able to make up for the aspect that completes the entire dynamic. There is a good chance that we might be in for an absolute treat. 


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