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The Best Ways To Find Local Owner Operator Jobs

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Local Owner Operator Jobs

When you become an owner-operator, you have several opportunities to make money. You can lease equipment, take on a job and bill for it, or even lease space from other owner-operators who need help keeping their trucks running. However, this kind of work isn’t easy to find. Finding Local Owner Operator Jobs is one way you can increase your income as an OO. But what are the best ways to do so? You might think that an ordinary internet search will produce all the results you need.

And while that may be true at first glance, there are many hidden nooks and crannies when it comes to finding these kinds of jobs. If you want to take advantage of these opportunities and start meeting with potential clients as soon as possible, the following advice will help you out a great deal:

Network, Network, Network

When the best way to find Local Owner Operator Jobs the first thing that comes to mind is networking. While the internet may be a great tool to find opportunities and get leads, it’s simply not realistic to expect results to come pouring in right away. Even if you have the best website in the world, that doesn’t mean people will find it. So if you want to find work, in-person networking is essential.

This includes contacting trucking companies in your area, as well as your local transportation and logistics associations. Even if you don’t think that you are a valuable asset, trucking companies and people in the industry do. So even if you aren’t sure what exactly you can offer, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Find Local Trucking Companies And Contact Them

Once you have a list of all the trucking companies in your area, the best way to find Local Owner Operator Jobs is to simply go down the list and schedule appointments with each one. Remember, trucking companies need help. They aren’t just going to advertise their open owner-operator positions and hope that people will show up. Once you have a copy of your resume together and a list of the companies you want to visit, make sure to dress to impress.

This isn’t just a friendly meeting, it’s a job interview. Make sure your resume is up to date, your appearance is clean, and you have copies of your work history and references with you. If you have some experience in logistics, you should try to bring that up. But don’t lie about it. Trucking companies are very aware of who has what experience and where it is from. And if you aren’t qualified, they’ll find out quickly.

Meet With Local Owner Operators

Once you have some experience in the industry, you can also contact Local Owner Operator Jobs and see if they need help. This is where the internet is a great resource. Simply search for owner-operator associations in your area and reach out to those members. Again, don’t be afraid to ask if they need help.

It’s better to ask and be told no than to not ask and regret it later. If there are no owner-operators in your area, or you don’t want to bother contacting them, you can also look at trucking companies that are hiring and ask if they have space available. This can be a great way to get on the right track and start building a relationship with the company.

Use Job Listing Websites

There are a few websites that are dedicated to connecting owner-operators with companies that are looking for their services. While these websites often cost money to use, they can be a great resource for finding Local Owner Operator Jobs in your area. These websites often have a filter system that will help you search for jobs based on your location. This makes it easier to find jobs near you, but also lets you see what companies need your services the most.


Finding Local Owner Operator Jobs isn’t an easy task, but it is certainly worth it. By networking and making yourself known in the industry, you’ll be able to find clients and make money quickly. Looking to lease or buy your truck? We recommend reading our reviews of the best trucking companies to lease from or buy from. This will help you find the right trucking company for you and get the best deal possible.


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