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The Best Things to Do in Iceland in 2022

The Best Things to Do in Iceland

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Iceland’s tiny country packs a punch for stunning scenery, from soaring glaciers and breathtaking ice blue lagoons to just about every other natural wonder. The best road trips connect travellers to Iceland’s most beautiful places, including ice caves and towering waterfalls. Outdoor adventures include whale watching, glacier hiking, and even scuba diving. Here are five reasons to visit Iceland, from the breathtaking landscapes to the crazy food.

The Aurora Borealis! The stunning sight of pink, purple, and green skies dancing in the dark night is hard to beat. Iceland is one of the most beautiful places in the world to see it. Although there is no guarantee you will see them, it’s best to visit Iceland between September and April. This is when the sky’s darkest. It is also a good idea to stay longer than a few nights in the country, because the Northern Lights may put on a show for just a few days before disappearing for the remainder of the week.

The Blue Lagoon is a top activity in Iceland

Because of its healing waters and luminescent colors, the Blue Lagoon is a top attraction in Iceland. The lagoon, which is located approximately 45 minutes from Reykjavik makes it easy to make a day trip. It’s full of geothermal water that keeps the lagoon piping hot throughout the year. It’s a great spot for a relaxing soak.

If you have long hair, be aware that the water’s properties can cause severe damage to your hair. Pre-booking a ticket is a good idea as the Blue Lagoon is very popular. You can also book a tour of the Golden Circle that includes stops at waterfalls, geysers and a dip in the lagoon.

To go on a road trip to Iceland’s points of interest

Although Iceland is small, it’s not impossible to get around the country in one day. Self-drive tours are highly recommended to anyone traveling to Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice.

The majority of Iceland vacation packages are three to two days long and include accommodation, car rental, and a planned itinerary. The 300-kilometre-long ‘Golden Circle” route is always popular because it includes a national park and waterfall as well as a volcanic crater, geysers, and volcanic crater. These are some tips to help you explore Iceland.

The Laugavegur Trek

Hikers are seen scaling a mountain in Landmannalaugar in the Iceland Highlands Nature Reserve.

Alftavatn can be seen in the distance recesses of the image. He emerges from the landscape as if in a dream. This is only one of many stunning views that you will see on the Laugavegur Trek.

Laugavegur Trek – What You Need To Know

Laugavegur, in Icelandic, means “Hot Spring Route.” This name is very descriptive of the type of hiking that you can expect on this trek.

Laugavegur Trek covers just over 34 miles. This journey can be completed in between 5 and 7 days if you hike for 7 hours per day.

The Fimmvorduhals Trek

The Fimmvorduhals Trek is another favorite among Icelandic tourists. Sometimes, the Fimmvorduhals Trek and Laugavegur Trek are combined to make a 6-day epic hike.

The Fimmvorduhals Trek will take you to the top of the Skogafoss waterfall. We are confident that there is much more to be seen!

Continue climbing upwards from Skogafoss to reach the snow-capped mountains, where you can spend the night in a mountain cabin.

Fimmvorduhals Trek – What You Need To Know

The Fimmvorduhals Trek covers 16 miles and includes a lot more up-and-down hiking. There are many cabins available along the route so you don’t need to pack your backpack.

The Hornstrandir Trek

Many people who have visited the West Coast of Ireland will be astonished at the beauty of the Cliffs of Moher. These cliffs are stunning but the Hornbjarg Cliffs in Iceland are a worthy contender for sheer natural beauty.

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