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The Best Places to Visit in Casablanca

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Best Places to Visit in Casablanca

Casablanca is “the white city” of Morocco, as its name implies. “The crimson city” is Marrakesh. Morocco experiences its pleasures and dreams between the white and the crimson, distinguishing its culture and soul from the blood of a long past. In the middle of the eighth century, Casablanca—which had its beginnings in the seventh century under the name Anfa—was one of the most significant Berber settlements in the Empire of Barghawata. It had already developed into an important harbour by the 14th century, and a hundred years later, Abraham-like pirates had taken control of the port. You will find the best places to visit in Casablanca in this guide for sure.

Hassan Ii Mosque

The Grand Mosque of Hassan II, which was finished in 1994 and is only accessible to non-Muslims on guided tours; there is a fee, is without a doubt the most stunning landmark in Casablanca. The prayer hall of this mosque, which is the biggest in Morocco and has the highest tower in the world, can hold up to 25,000 worshippers, while the courtyard can hold an additional 80,000. The almost $1 billion building’s cost was totally covered by public donations, with everyone Moroccan donating in accordance with their circumstances.

The inside of the mosque is a masterful display of Moroccan architectural styles and craftsmanship. A green laser aiming in the direction of Mecca is visible at night atop the 210m (689ft) tall minaret, which is accessed by a glass elevator. You can visit this beautiful place in luxury by booking Delta airlines first class tickets.

Casablanca Cathedral

One of the most remarkable churches in Africa is this lovely white church. It was made in 1930, when Morocco was still a French territory.

The cathedral in Casablanca was transformed into a school and later a cultural center following Morocco’s independence. It is no longer a house of worship, but it has grown to become one of Casablanca’s most popular tourist destinations.

The Church of the Sacred Heart, often known as this abandoned church, appears out of place while simultaneously fitting in well with its surroundings.

Most visitors to the cathedral think it’s strange that such a stunning structure would be abandoned. I had a great time exploring it in the afternoon. A very tranquil and calm region surrounds it.  

Additionally, it makes a beautiful backdrop for any photograph!

Rick’s Cafe

The bar made famous by Humphrey Bogart in the film was recreated at this bistro. An ancient piano from the 1930s, a carved bar, curving arches, and balconies are just a few of the components that make up this piano bar and evoke the mood of the film. 

If you wish to go to this restaurant for supper, it is essential to make a reservation in advance because it is frequently quite busy. 

The eatery is open for meals from noon to three and for supper from six till one in the morning. Every day of the week, including the holy month of Ramadan and weekends, Rick’s Café is open. 

There is excellent cuisine available for a very reasonable price. While eating, you may take in some jazz.

Look at the beautiful photographs on the restaurant’s website if you want to get a feel for it before going there!

The King’s Palace

This is one of the most gorgeous of the many palaces the Moroccan monarch has built around the nation. The exterior wall features lovely patterns and motifs.

Unfortunately, this palace, like the other royal residences, is only accessible from the outside. It is completely prohibited to enter. But even a little visit to the outside is worthwhile.

The palace is close to the modern medina.

The Corniche

Go to the corniche boulevard if you wish to have a leisurely, extended walk by the water. A light sea wind continually blows along this lengthy road.

It’s the ideal location for taking a stroll and taking in the soothing sound of the waves lapping on the coast.

Many lovely restaurants and bars line the seashore, and some people liken this beach avenue to Havana’s Malecon.

There is usually some sort of performance taking place on the Boulevard because it is a popular gathering spot for street performers.

We would advise staying away from the corniche on the weekends since it becomes really busy. Trendy nightclubs, cocktail bars, and seaside bar terraces in the region soon fill up after sunset.

The Boulevard de la Corniche offers a variety of dining establishments, from inexpensive counter-service eateries to upscale French restaurants. Ain Diab is the name of the area of the city where La Corniche is.

The Architecture Of Mahkama Du Pacha

Visit the Mahkama du Pacha to experience the most astounding specimen of Moroccan architecture. This magnificent structure is an outstanding illustration of traditional Moorish building methods. 

Beautiful tiles cover the walls, complex stone carvings adorn the entryway and ceilings, and calligraphy and floral patterns are there in the plasterwork.

Previously a pasha’s mansion, this structure currently houses a government office. You can enter this building only with a guide as a result, yet it is totally worthwhile.

A tour guide for this edifice is available at the Mohammad Hassan II mosque’s ticket counter.

Le Riad Restaurant

Le Riad restaurant is the ideal starting point if you want to experience Moroccan food at its most genuine. 

This location is a hidden gem, and it’s simple to pass the restaurant’s façade without understanding that an incredible gastronomic experience is waiting within. All of the tagines here are the most delectable combination of veggies and meat with the ideal quantity of couscous.

The tagine with chicken, olives, and lemon is a fantastic choice at this eatery. Warm toast and olives are provided with every meal. We know it’s difficult for pet parents to leave their furry friends at home while on vacation. In that case do not forget to avail the benefits of Delta Airlines Pet Policy.

Brasserie La Tour

Brasserie La Tour is within a hotel and is a little more pricey than other places. Nevertheless its food is worth giving it a shot as it’s delicious on another level. 

This establishment combines the Atelier Oriental with the Brasserie (which offers a European menu) (Moroccan options). It’s kind of the combination of the two because you can enjoy both Moroccan and French dishes at the same place.

The buffet and brunch at Brasserie La Tour are both excellent. What more could you want than juice, fruits, egg specialties, mint tea, and Moroccan pancakes with honey?

Casablanca is a massive metropolitan area; truly an enormous city! You’ll enjoy it, though, if you invest the time to learn about it. That’s what we hope this manual will accomplish for you.

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