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Tap Into the Power of the Stars With a Moldavite Pendant

by Scarlett Watson
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Unlike other minerals used in crystal healing or jewelry, moldavite sets itself apart by being literally out of this world. You see, most minerals form naturally on this earth; meanwhile, the bulk of moldavite is the result of a meteorite impact that occurred some 15 million years ago in the Nördlinger Ries Crater in southern Germany.

It is not a precious or even a semi-precious gemstone; rather, it is a type of vitreous silica glass. Nevertheless, it commands a high price and is coveted among collectors for a number of reasons. Chief among them is its rarity: given its celestial origins, moldavite cannot be reproduced. 90% of the supply comes from South Bohemian localities, and whatever is available from the extraterrestrial impact that created it is all there is.

It is also highly desired for its beauty. The most sought-after moldavite is a vivid moss green in color, and can either be transparent or translucent. Swirls and bubble inclusions can be found within the crystal, accentuating its hue. Its intriguing prehistoric origins as a mineral that came from a meteorite further adds to the appeal.

Those who believe in the healing properties of crystals similarly hold moldavite in high regard. It possesses certain metaphysical properties that have attracted people to it since ancient times. Here’s why you, too, may wish to consider buying and wearing a moldavite pendant:

What can a moldavite pendant do for me?

Historical evidence shows that people collected moldavite and other stones from the tektite family. They were used as jewelry, in the creation of flaked tools, and as part of religious rituals. They may have also been traded as a form of currency.

Its green color may have led to it being valued as a lucky charm. Moldavite was also used in protection amulets, as well as ones meant to encourage reproduction. In Czech folklore, moldavite is given as a ceremonial present for inspiring matrimonial peace.

Crystal enthusiasts consider moldavite to be a powerful stone of connectedness, and believe that it is connected to the crown, heart, and third eye chakras. It therefore may help you get in touch with your feelings on a deeper level, drawing your innermost desires to the forefront and enabling you to consider them with more clarity.

Its vibrations can also encourage a deeper connection between your mind and soul, allowing them to collaborate in a harmonious manner. These reverberations can help you discover new ideas, in addition to helping you remember long-buried experiences.

As a crystal that is often associated with rebirth, moldavite can help you better process extreme life changes and overcome any obstacles that come with them. It is also a good stone for developing mental strength, especially when faced with challenges.

What other crystals are best paired with moldavite?

On its own, the energies of moldavite can be overwhelming. Holding one in your hand is akin to holding a piece of a star, burning with cosmic flame.

Pairing moldavite with other crystals can help temper those forces for a more balanced experience. This moldavite pendant from Ice Imports features a piece of rough cut moldavite and a Herkimer diamond. The Herkimer diamond is known as the stone of attunement that provides relief from discomfort and guidance towards the right path. It is an excellent stone to pair with the transformative properties of moldavite.

You may also consider this moldavite pendant from Ice Imports that pairs the stone with a piece of polished rainbow moonstone. Like Herkimer diamond, rainbow moonstone offers relief from stress and emotional instability. It also improves intuition and inspiration, supporting the properties of moldavite that can bring new ideas to the fore.

How do I take care of my moldavite pendant?

Moldavite registers a variable rating between 5.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a relatively fragile stone. This makes them extremely challenging to facet for gem cutters, as their surface has a tendency to easily break. Similarly, handling your moldavite pendant roughly may cause your crystal to crack or chip.

Fortunately, moldavite is not a porous crystal, and experts actually encourage you to expose it to water from time to time. You can take a shower or swim with your moldavite pendant on. Just make sure that the setting is intact and that the stone is not loose in it. If it is, you may take your pendant to a jeweler to have the settings reset.

Harness the celestial energy of the stars with a moldavite pendant from Ice Imports

Moldavite imitations made with cheap green bottle glass are widely prevalent, which is why it’s important to purchase your moldavite pendant from a source you can trust. Ice Imports offers moldavite in various settings, from polished and faceted moldavite rings to rough cut moldavite pendants.

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