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Some Legitimate Reasons for Your Car’s Misfiring Engine

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Being a driver, you should not be an automotive geek but still, a basic level of knowledge is necessary to handle various issues that appear out of blue. Having some elemental knowledge about the issues related to the engine might escape you from being in a tight spot. The engine plays a crucial role while you drive your car.

Among the issues, the engine misfire is one common problem that might occur any time during a drive, especially for the vehicle that you have been driving for a while. But, how do you understand the genuine issue? During a misfiring, you generally experience one or more jerks due to the inadequate internal combustion in the cylinder. As a driver, you can experience hesitation or shaking during a car ride. However, the check engine light pops up immediately once there is a case of misfiring.

There is a list of reasons that can cause a misfiring engine.

Congested Fuel Injectors

A fuel injector performs the duty of injecting fuel inside the cylinder. Most cars generally come with one fuel injector per cylinder. If a fuel injector misfires, it is not able to inject the proper fuel inside the cylinder and a lack of fuel in the combustion chamber often results in a misfire. The fuel injector may get congested due to fuel slime. Besides, the fuel combustion inside the cylinder produces carbon and other waste that can easily sit on the fuel injector. It generally clogs the fuel injector completely.

A congested fuel injector generally causes the misfire that happens intermittently at first before turning consistent after the some. If you experience a misfire with your car’s engine, approach a trusted service centre such as Service My Car as soon as possible for a comprehensive engine diagnosis.

Worn Out Spark Plugs

A spark plug looks like a tiny gadget but it has a lot to do with the combustion of air and fuel mixture. A spark plug provides the necessary spark to the cylinder to burn the fuel. A spark plug might get degraded over time and can default during the combustion process as it may not be able to provide the necessary spark. Besides, a partially burned fuel tends to prevent the spark plug from creating the sparks that require igniting the fuel inside the cylinder.

A worn-out spark plug is easy to replace. It might be covered with the sludge that is the result of an internal oil leak. In such a scenario, a specialist might be quite helpful. The Service My Car offers you solutions for such issues with a high level of expertise. Whether it is just a spark plug replacement or car engine repair, our mechanics assure you the satisfaction.

Degraded Ignition Coils

Ignition coils ensure that the spark plugs get sufficient voltage to generate the required level of spark. However, these things might be degraded over time. Its insulation might get worn out and the voltage might ramble in an unnecessary direction rather than the spark plug wire.

A car scanning and diagnostics service can easily find the issue behind the misfire by a degraded ignition coil. However, it needs a certain level of expertise and you can find the same at Service My Car easily.

Impure Fuel Supply to the Cylinder

An impure fuel always adversely affects the combustion process and often becomes the cause of the misfire.  Besides, it may clog the fuel filter that eventually cannot provide enough fuel to the engine.  However, if you have an issue with the fuel pump or the fuel filter, it is better to arrange an assessment by an expert at Service My Car. Here, you get an assured car repair for a pleasurable ride ahead.

Head Gasket Leakage 

The head gasket offers the necessary resistance to the oil and coolant flow while restricting them to enter the combustion chamber. However, they become susceptible to damage over time and maybe the reason behind a leakage. Such leakage causes the engine misfire. It is easily recognizable by the moving the spark plug around the specific cylinder and assessing the performance of these cylinders.

Inspecting an issue with a head gasket is quite difficult, especially for someone with short or no knowledge of the automotive issue. However, a mechanic at Service My Car can help you get the proper solution for your car maintenance.

Engine Internal Issues

An engine is a complex mechanism with various moving parts. However, there might be some issues with these parts. A cracked part can be the reason behind a vacuum leak while a worn-out timing belt will not be able to synchronize the functioning of the all necessary parts that regulate the process of opening and closing the valve in a cylinder.

However, it is necessary to assess the genuine reason behind the misfire once you experience it. At Service My car, you can get an assured and reliable service including engine tuning and the timing belt replacement on demand.

Synchronization Issues by ECM

The modern vehicle comes with an ECM (Engine Control Module) that performs the tasks to maintain the various functionalities of your car. It synchronizes the actions of the fuel injectors, valves as well as a spark plug to avoid misfire. However, it is rare but sometime ECM might fail. In such a condition, if a misfire happens, it is due to the ECM failure while all other components are intact. This requires an expert to test and verify the failure of the ECM. You can get such a car service at Service My car easily.

In case, you have noticed some sort of misfiring head towards the Service My Car for an expert level solution. Just call us or book our service online.

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