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Selin Sakarcan Provides the Most Appropriate Remedies for Getting Rid of Foot Verruca

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Foot Verruca

A very commonly occurring yet sparingly known skin disease of the feet is foot verruca. This is caused by a virus and is very similar to warts. Also known as a plantar wart, there is barely any skin discoloration because of this, it more or less is the same color as the skin. It typically occurs at the bottom of the foot either individually or in a group. They may or may not be painful; the pressure created by walking may cause some pain in them. Selin Sakarcan a podiatric physician by profession gives an insight into the causes and symptoms of this occurrence and also provides remedial measures to remove foot verruca.

Causes of Verruca

Medically these warts can be considered epithelial tumors that are benign. The virus that causes this is called human papillomavirus – type 1, 2, 4, and 63. The tiny cuts and openings that may be present on the underside of the foot become the entry point for these viruses. The entry of this virus type is only possible with direct contact. The unfortunate thing, however, is that the infection shows several days after it has already occurred.

Pain and Verruca

The spongy and rough growth on the skin of the soles may not convey the kind of discomfort it causes apparently. But there have been reports, as Selin Sakarcan points out of excruciating pain being experienced by verruca. Those in the sports field are quite susceptible to being affected by this because their feet are constantly in moisture within the sports shoes. For them, the pain becomes difficult to bear as the running and jumping create more pressure on the wart. This moves the wart further into the skin and increases the pangs.

Getting rid of Verruca

The initial stage of this viral infection does not call for many actions, they go away by themselves after some. However, if they start to become increasingly uncomfortable treatment is a compulsion. Since it is highly contagious trying to pull it out will only cause it to spread. Precaution must be taken to not share one’s belongings if they have been infected by verruca.

Visiting a podiatric physician such as Selin Sakarcan is the best thing to do when wanting to treat the virus. Such doctors will be able to suggest the best medicines that are easily available in gel, cream, and medicated patch forms at a pharmacy. These medicines have salicylic acid in them that helps soften the outer layers of the skin and then treat the wart.

Another treatment method is cryotherapy. In this liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the wart which then falls off. One could take the help of the physician or do it by themselves by following the instructions closely and carefully.

Do not ignore Verruca

Though verruca can be left to heal by itself, it takes a lot of time to do so and may cause it to become worse. Therefore, it is advisable to treat the viral infection at the earliest as it can multiply very quickly. The pain they cause may become unbearable the more it gets embedded due to continued walking and other activities that involve the movement of the feet.

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