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See How You May Avoid Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees

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If you consider yourself a frequent flyer, you know that the fees can add up. They may seem like they’re not so bad at first, but when you look at the big picture, it’s easy to see how much money you could save if you didn’t have to pay those added costs. One way to avoid paying baggage fees is by checking your bags in advance. You might think that this will cost you more money, but there’s actually no additional cost for doing this—the only thing that matters is how long it takes for your bags to get to their destination. The best part? You don’t even have to wait until your flight arrives to claim your luggage! Another way to avoid Alaska Airlines baggage fees is by packing light. When there’s less stuff in your carry-on bag or suitcase than usual, it means that less material is stored in each piece of luggage that goes along with it. This means less weight on each flight—and thus more savings on fees!

See how you may avoid baggage fees:

  1. Use Credit Cards

Baggage fee exemptions are a feature of certain Alaska credit cards. So you have Alaska Airlines tickets and want to avoid baggage fees? Well, the principal cardholder and up to six additional passengers can check their first bag free of charge. Nevertheless, this is only valid if you have an Alaska Air Visa Signature credit card. To be eligible for the redemptions, you must reserve the flight using your Alaska Air Visa. Likewise, travelers who own an Alaska Air Visa® Business card also benefit from it.

  1. Only bring a carry-on bag

It couldn’t be easier to avoid paying Alaska Air’s baggage fees. Simply avoid bringing anything that you’ll need to check for a cost. Use small rolling suitcases as carry-on items for easy bringing. So check for one that complies with the restrictions on weight and size before using it to store your essentials. We suggest a small backpack or other soft bags that you can keep under your seat. This is because it is a good place to stash extra goods like toiletries, books, small clothes, and prescriptions. Consider it as your free personal item, giving you extra room to pack the essentials for your trip.

  1. Travel first-class

The advantages of traveling in first class are considerable. With this Alaska Airlines booking, first-class passengers can check up to two bags without paying an additional price.

  1. Pay fees with card travel credits

Several travel rewards cards offer annual statement credits for travel-related expenses. Pick some credit cards, like the $300 yearly travel credit offered by the Chase Sapphire Reserve. It will let you utilize the credit toward a variety of travel-related expenditures. The Platinum Card® from American Express, on the other hand, provides yearly credits for ancillary airline expenses. If you enroll in it and select Alaska as your preferred airline, then this credit will cover your baggage expenses.

  1. Allowances for elite status

Benefits for checked bags are available at all four status levels of the Alaska Air Mileage Plan. MVP and MVP Gold members get a free first and second checked bag. This offer exists for themselves and up to eight additional passengers on the same reservation. Further, MVP Gold 75K and MVP Gold 100K members can check one, two, and three bags for free. Again, this offer exists for themselves and up to eight more passengers on the same reservation,


Customers generally find Alaska Air’s luggage policy to be accommodating. They do a fantastic job of making its costs straightforward and offer customers several methods to avoid paying for luggage. Additionally, Alaska is a cut above most other airlines in terms of its carry-on policy. It permits a full-size carry-on bag and a personal item on all flight tickets, even Saver Fares.

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