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Save Your Loved Ones from Predator with Call History Tracker

by Albertson
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Save Your Loved Ones from Predator with Call History Tracker

In the landline period, you were bound to go through the parent’s check and sometimes some additional checks as well to make a single phone call to your friends. Most of the time the landline linked to all the phone sets would leak your talk with your friend to the whole house. We had no right to yell or whatsoever do to avoid so-called intrusion into the privacy. But things are way different for today’s parents and kids. We were bound to obey our parents when we were kids and now the trend is to follow the kid’s rules. The dilemma of always having the opposite is I think the fate of our generation.

Anyway kids these days have their cellphones and most importantly they want privacy. Now it’s all fine and good until you meet a sociopath or a stalker weirdo. They can put the kid in harm or can be any potential threat to them. We tried to make a clear fine line for the kids and even try in every best way to make sure we are included in their reel and real life but still, an incident proved that all our efforts are in vain. There is still a wide portion of their lives that we know nothing about.

Turned out the boy was receiving threatening calls and texts message. At first, he took it as a joke but then he felt like someone was stalking him and some boys even tried to bully him after school. We would still be living in the dark if the bullying incident would not happen in the school periphery. School management got involved and thus we were called to the school.

That’s when we found out that things are way worse and we are those parents who are living in the bubble that their kids are all good and cool and living a healthy safe life while in reality, it is quite the opposite. Well, I was fine but my wife felt betrayed by this whole situation. She was scared as hell as well with all the imagination but most importantly she was disappointed with the kid. She never considers me a cool dad but she in her own eyes was a cool mom whose kids share everything with her.

In short, the result of all the worries, betrayal and disappointment came out in the form of a yearly bundle of the OgyMogy call history tracker app. She was planning to get the Mac and Windows version as well but I asked her to wait for a little and let’s try the android version first.

For those who are unfamiliar with the call history tracker feature or such technology here is a detailed guide for you.

  • An OgyMogy spy app is monitoring software that offers a different version for the user in the form of android, Mac and Windows.
  • A call history tracker is a simple feature offered for cell phone monitoring.
  • For employees, there are some terms and conditions like they are obliged to monitor the employees only through the company-owned devices. They are free to tell the employees by themselves or even not as it is a pretty obvious thing to be monitored by the organization today.
  • The feature let the user see the call history of the target phone with just a few clicks.
  • The app is offered parental control and employee monitoring. Parents are legally authorized to keep a check on their teenagers with the help of features like a call history tracker.
  • My wife wanted to know everything about the kids. So we got the yearly bundle. The OgyMogy cell phone spy app offers three different types of packages i.e monthly, a seasonal bundle for six months and a yearly bundle.
  • The call history tracking feature has been a real blessing for us. We have not only tracked the stalker but have even solved the mystery of spam calls and text messages.
  • The feature let the user know about every incoming call record, date and time and caller ID information.

Though at the start I was not sure about getting the Mac and Windows version for other gadgets now I am confident. We are going to enjoy all the other features just like the call history tracker feature.

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