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Please keep this camping guide, it is guaranteed to be used

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Recently, “camping” has become a hot search. Under the epidemic, inter-provincial tourism has been restricted to a certain extent, and camping has also become the “new favorite” of “micro-vacation”. Changan’s second-generation A wooden house, a car, a tent, or even just a sleeping bag can keep young people away from the hustle and bustle of the city, get close to nature, and release stress.

 Therefore, the editor specially prepared a camping guide, please refer to:

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Camping waterproof, three things:

  1. Check the local weather before departure, try to avoid rainy or cloudy weather.
  2. Choose a relatively flat terrain, choose a hillside without gravel around it, with better drainage conditions and no water accumulation.
  3. Dig a drainage ditch just below the top edge of the tent to avoid flooding the tent when it rains.

Three don’t:

  1. Do not camp in the middle of the canyon, under the slope, or at the bottom of the ditch, to avoid flash floods, mudslides, etc.
  2. Don’t be close to the river to avoid rising water.
  3. Don’t go under the cliff and avoid falling rocks.

2. Camping fire prevention, 5 things:

  1. Keep air circulation in the tent and prevent fire when cooking in the tent.
  2. Before going to bed at night, check whether all fires are extinguished and whether the tent is firmly fixed.
  3. A full fire bucket can be placed outside the tent just in case.

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Second don’t:

Do not use an open flame for heating inside the tent.

Don’t let the campfire near the tent, and make sure someone is watching the fire.

After talking about some precautions for camping, the next thing to talk about is the most important thing, that is, the carrier we go out for camping. Today, I recommend a 100,000-class compact SUV that is very suitable for young people to go out for camping. It is the second-generation CS55 PLUS of Changan.

Not long ago, Changan’s second-generation CS55PLUS joined hands with the online sports app, Keep, to jointly launch the “UP New Youth Keep Love” wild luxury camping group in Beijing. In the name of love, this wild luxury camping group started around the lifestyles that young people like, and set off a summer carnival that integrates sports and social interaction, demonstrating its identity as a “new young intellectual and fun partner”.

Changan’s second-generation CS55PLUS

Changan’s second-generation CS55PLUS is very appealing to young people in terms of appearance design. The air intake grille is inspired by the interpretation of light and shadow in architectural design. The changes in light and shadow interpret the evolution of aesthetics. Inspired by this, the front grille adopts a unique hot stamping process.

let the beauty of the structure gradually diverge and extend from the bottom to the top, highlighting the full sense of future technology. 

Under the sunlight, light and shadow complement each other, showing the beauty of transparency and spirituality. The embellishment of the three-stage daytime running lights also adds a sense of sophistication to the entire body. The rear of the car adopts the design of star ring LED taillights + star ring rear wing brake lights, which are more recognizable and personalized after lighting.

In terms of interior

In terms of interior, Changan’s second-generation CS55PLUS adopts the latest family design language.  Boundless geometric ring keys, soft materials with comfortable touch, and delicate details create a minimalist style with luxurious technology and high-quality style. 

In terms of intelligent configuration

In terms of intelligent configuration, Changan’s second-generation CS55PLUS uses mainstream and practical technological configuration to create a warm intelligent driving system and intelligent entertainment system, realize multi-scene intelligent interaction, and bring you a smarter travel life. Fatigue monitoring and early warning, irregular behavior reminder function, always tacitly online, a caring “intelligent partner” who really understands you.

Its body size is 4515*1865*1680mm, and the wheelbase is 2656mm, which has a good space performance. And the trunk capacity is 475-1415L, which can hold a lot of camping equipment, which is very practical for camping.

In terms of power,

The powerful power output can ensure that you can go to any place you want to camp, and completely realize the freedom of camping. Taking advantage of the weekend, meeting three or five friends, away from the city, and going deep into nature for a camping, this is the best way to relax The best websites provide fantastic Travelodge voucher code NHS, Booking.com Voucher Code NHS, and Travelodge Discount Code NHS 

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