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Online grocery delivery business like Instacart

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grocery delivery business

The grocery delivery business is growing business after the pandemic

Almost everyone needs groceries for their routines. Even it is a fast-moving platform to get consumed.

WooberlyGrocery is an on-demand grocery delivery software that helps budding entrepreneurs like YOU to start their own businesses.

What is an Instacart?

Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery app that has made a mark in the grocery delivery industry with its amazing features and other attributes.

Customers can order groceries from nearby grocery stores using the Instacart app.

How does Instacart work?

Instacart connects grocery stores and users under the same platform. The goods are delivered by the Instacart shopper’s delivery partners, and all these people are managed by Instacart.

Instacart monetizes its services through pick-up, delivery and service fees, premium membership, advertising, and gift cards.

Why do you need a readymade grocery app to help you in building a grocery delivery business?

Readymade grocery delivery script is an on-demand grocery delivery script that can be customized based on your business needs.

These are some reasons why a readymade grocery delivery app will help you start an online grocery delivery business.

Marketing strategies can be efficiently performed through social media if you have an online presence for your grocery delivery service.

Why Wooberly Grocery?

WooberlyGrocery is an on-demand grocery delivery software that helps budding entrepreneurs like YOU to start their own businesses.

You could be a proud on-demand grocery marketplace owner that connects the users, various grocery stores, reliable delivery partners, and yourself (the admin) under one roof!

People got so used to getting products & services delivered to their doorstep!

  • You can develop a strong relationship with your customers.
  • Give your customers the pleasure of shopping from anywhere, at any time!
  • You can forecast the performance of your business using real-time data.


We bore in mind that developing with the latest technology in the market will help us give you the best possible output. That’s how we chose Flutter, a cross-platform software development kit created by Google. We trust and pride ourselves in its superior results.

Advanced search filter
Contactless delivery
Track Order
Ratings and reviews
Tips to the delivery partner

1. Helping out the traditional business owners

The hyperlocal on-demand delivery app can actually bridge the gap between reaching a huge number of customers and the traditional businesses that have a very authentic style of running their businesses.

2. Business transparency and efficiency

As the admin of the on-demand marketplace, it is just a click away to find out what is really happening with their business.

This way, your customers get to enjoy your products or services under any circumstances via an app.

WooberlyGrocery for your business?

Switching from a traditional business model that you constantly see in the market to a grocery app could be seamless with us! We offer,

  • 100% customizable & scalable platform.
  • Team of skilled developers.
  • Quick and friendly tech support.
  • Fair product pricing plan.
  • Best-in-class technologies.

Cost to develop a grocery delivery app?

Building a grocery delivery app with a readymade solution is the best decision that you can make for your startup, we assure you.

We concentrate on making apps more agile that are budget-friendly!

Let’s discuss the perks of getting a ready-made grocery delivery solution for your business!

A ready-made solution built using cross-platform technology can reduce the development and testing time, and cost of development.

You don’t have to hire skilled developers here and there. They all are in one place to help you with your app development.

Any updates regarding the development process come promptly via any communication mode you prefer!

Have you ever heard of Gorillas?

If you ever dreamt about starting an on-demand grocery delivery business, here’s the source of inspiration for you – the story of Gorillas.

If you ever dreamt about starting an on-demand grocery delivery business, here’s the source of inspiration for you – the story of Gorillas.

What are Gorillas?

Gorillas is an on-demand grocery delivery app that promises to deliver the items in 10 minutes.

(That’s a daring fleet!)

The grocery delivery app connects with dark stores to procure quality grocery items and deliver them to the user’s doorstep.

How did they get started?

The target audience of Gorillas is these kinds of people who need groceries at their doorstep in a very short span of time.

Gorillas have almost 100 warehouses after they got their three-round funding of 335.4 million dollars.

They call the dark stores a micro-fulfillment infrastructure that stores over 2000 grocery items.

Pros and cons of Gorillas – what to learn from them?

It is always helpful to know the pros and cons of starting a venture.


  • The Gorillas charge 2 dollars per delivery for the customers for their zippy delivery.
  • They use ‘dark grocery stores’ to procure their grocery items which means these stores are exclusive for pick-up and delivery-based orders.


  • They hire their own delivery partners.

Gorillas have almost 100 warehouses after they got their three-round funding of 335.4 million dollars. They call the dark stores a micro-fulfillment infrastructure that stores over 2000 grocery items.

How to sell homemade food items online in 2022?

1. Pick a niche

Choosing a niche helps you focus on your strengths and be confident in your abilities.

A business niche is a specialized area of a broader market where a business sells its product or service.

Here is an article to help you pick a niche for your homemade food business.

2. Conduct a research

After choosing what homemade food to sell online, it is now time to do market research.

Market research helps you understand a lot about your customers and the competitors in your space.

Here’s a guide about market research to have a better idea.

3. Acquire knowledge about the laws

Online businesses are prone to legal issues.

Here are some of the things that you should have to figure out:

Business licenses to obtain.
Business structure.
Work area inspections.
Registering your business.
Permits to obtain.
Tax requirements.
Food quality laws and guidelines.

4. Tie up with local suppliers

You have to find trustworthy and reliable vendors to supply them for your business.

For this, you can partner with local vendors or source materials online.

There are a lot of supply chain platforms that source veggies directly from farms and sell them to end-users.

Give it a try and choose what works best for you & your business.

5. Work on your brand and packaging

Creating a memorable brand requires consistent use of brand voice, colors, graphics, and logo across all platforms.

And don’t lose your authenticity in the process.

For packaging, you could do it yourself or pick up online packaging services like Packhelp.

6. Price your foodPricing food items is a crucial task for any home-cooked food seller.

It could make or break your business.

Use this formula to calculate the pricing of your food,

Food price = Cost of raw items / Food cost percentage.

Alternatively, you can use your competitor’s pricing for a food item and determine yours based on the demand.

7. Partner with delivery apps

This problem could be solved by partnering with the existing food delivery apps available in the market.

8. Sell homemade food online with your own website
Why pay massive commissions by partnering with delivery platforms?

Your own food delivery app helps you,

build a better brand,
get direct orders,
provide better customer service,
avoid the third-party service fees,
market better.

Create your food delivery app with our readymade product – WooberlyEats.

9. Market your homemade food business

Market your homemade food delivery business online by,

creating blogs on your website,
using app store optimization,
using search engine optimization,
Instagram marketing,
Facebook ads,

using push notifications to the fullest,
and partnering with influencers.


Gorillas have clearly understood what their customers need – quick and efficient delivery to their doorstep.

If you want to start an exciting business venture like Gorillas – take a look at our ready-made on-demand grocery delivery app.

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