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Network Security Services And Your Business | New Future IT

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For enterprises, NewFutureIT focuses mostly on security. These days, security must come first in any company setting, whether it involves a local server network, the cloud, or a hybrid of the two.

All businesses must use security measures that reduce and control the risk of the company network from data breaches because the chance of your information data being stolen and the risk to any asset is continuously rising in the IT world.

In light of the new data breach regulations in Australia and around the world, no company can afford to be complacent. As security issues and difficulties arise, network security services must be constantly updated and improved.

As businesses grow through various methods such as e-commerce and web applications, it is becoming increasingly important for them to be secure against these attacks.

Every company is concerned with its profit, so what they want is reliable access to the most advanced security technologies available at the lowest possible cost. When it comes to network security services, most businesses seek out external providers so that they can devote their manpower and resources to more productive tasks, thereby accelerating their company’s growth. Many service providers now offer network security as a service. But it is crucial to find a reliable service provider. If you are searching for network consulting services, contact NewFutureIT.

Moving forward, we will discuss the following key areas of network security services to consider:

  • Improvement in Network Visibility, Working with a managed security service provider provides you with constant network visibility, which is one of the most important advantages. Improved network visibility will help to boost performance, and the company should provide “round-the-clock” network monitoring. With increased visibility, bottlenecks, threats, and areas of poor performance can be identified and corrected. This will also enhance the performance of various networked devices.
  • Firewall configuration review to ensure that the firewall’s current rules and the type of firewall used are appropriate for the given situation.
  • A thorough examination of computers and devices (such as routers and firewalls), as well as their location on the network. This includes an examination of any DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) in front of your organization’s core network.
  • A network vulnerability assessment should be performed by a network security services provider to ensure that previously addressed vulnerabilities are still protected by effective countermeasures.
  • Penetration testing is the process of actively probing defenses for new vulnerabilities. This type of test should be approached with caution due to the possibility of disrupting operational systems or causing a temporary denial of service. The rules of engagement should be agreed upon and documented in advance.

The above-listed functions can be performed in-house (in the case of larger organisations) or outsourced to a specialist information security firm. In either case, network security services must be implemented regularly, especially after any major network changes. Contact NewFutureIT if you need network consulting services. They are among the market’s leading service providers.

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