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Movies you can watch all the time and never get tired

by Liana1999
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There are films “at once” – which means you watched it and, most likely, forgot. And there are those who, even years later, we are always happy to review and fall in love with history again! Occasionally you need to watch free movies and tv shows, because that kind of classic movie don’t usually stream in movie theaters. Movies online for free or simply online even with purchase is something different. So watch free movies and enjoy your free time.

Pretty woman.

Well, of course! Tell me honestly, how many times have you watched this incredible movie? For example, we lost count. But all this is not surprising: the eternal story of Cinderella, who fell in love with a handsome, rich and kind prince. But what is the charming Julia Roberts worth!

Sex and the city.

When you’re bored and want something light and funny, the Sex and the City series comes to the rescue! Four friends will not let anyone lose heart. By the way, complete with ice cream and fragrant tea, the series is even cooler!

Back to the Future.

This film can temporarily erase the difference between 30-year-olds and very young guys. Because it’s very cool. And if you haven’t watched it yet, fix it now! In the end, at least look at how our time was seen a couple of decades ago.

Pulp Fiction.

And seriously. We know many girls who really did not want to watch Pulp Fiction, but by the will of fate they sat down in front of the TV. And you know what? Now this is one of my favorite movies!

The Fifth Element.

The beautiful Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich seem to have worked very hard to create a cult film that can be watched over and over again.

Forrest Gump.

“Run, Forrest, run!” – This phrase has long been used by ordinary people. And the story of the open and kind Forrest cannot leave anyone indifferent. And also, remember about love: “I may not be very smart, but I know what love is.”

The Lion King.

It seems we should all live by this motto: “Hakuna Matata” which means “no worries”. So simple and so brilliant, right?

The notebook.

A great story proving that true love never ends. We fell in love with the tape at first sight, but we never cease to be convinced of our love with each viewing.


Well, what do you think? Did the top fall or not? Did Cobb stay in the dream, or did he return to reality? The film is complex, but incredibly interesting. That’s why I want to watch it more often.

Some Like It Hot.

“Everyone has their flaws,” remember, right? At the mere mention of the film, we had an urgent desire to review this masterpiece again!


A love movie, a disaster movie, a movie for the ages. It’s pointless to talk about the plot, right? We all already know. Moreover, not once have I watched the same.

Roman Holiday.

A short but insanely beautiful love story between a princess and a journalist. And it’s also nice to understand that a colleague did not commit a vile act, even despite the large fees. What would you do for Audrey?

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