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Monday Night Raw Quick Recap (August 1, 2022)

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For those of you who want just the quick results and don’t want the details of matches, this is a quick recap of tonight’s show. There are spoilers for tonight’s show below. The full results can be found right here. Tonight’s episode aired live from Houston’s Toyota Center. The first 65 minutes were completely commercial free. Any gaps in time below should be assumed to have been SummerSlam recaps or other pointless vignettes not worth mentioning. Overall it was a pretty solid show with 81 minutes of wrestling. Rajah is a full entertainment WWE news provider website where you can read the WWE stuff with 100% accurate information.

Matches Tonight: Seven (approx. 81 minutes)

Triple-Threat US Contendership Match I: The Miz vs AJ Styles vs Mustafa Ali. The winner faces the winner of the second match, later tonight, to determine the new contender for Lashley’s belt. Solid match that saw Styles pick up the win, stealing it from Ali. 8:21-8:30pm EST.

Singles Match: Seth Rollins vs Montez Ford. Great match that saw Rollins win. 8:43-8:53pm EST.

Singles Match: Alexa Bliss vs Asuka. The match was cut short when Bayley, Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai attacked, causing a double-DQ. Bianca Belair made the save. 9:02-9:04pm EST.

Triple-Threat US Contendership Match II: Dolph Ziggler vs Ciampa vs Chad Gable. Ciampa picked up the win to advance. 9:13-9:24pm EST.

Singles Match: Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs Iyo Sky w/ Bayley & Dakota Kai. Our second match to end in a no-contest tonight when Bayley, Kai, Asuka & Bliss entered the ring and all six brawled. 9:47-10:06pm EST.

Triple-Threat US Contendership Match III: AJ Styles vs Ciampa. The winner becomes the new number one contender for Bobby Lashley’s United States Championship. Great match that saw Ciampa pick up the win after both an impressive amount of offense and some help from the Miz. Ciampa faces Lashley next week. 10:15-10:29pm EST pm EST.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Main Event Match: the Usos(c) vs the Mysterios. A really good match that saw the Uso’s barely retain. Afterwards, the Judgment Day attacked the Mysterios until Edge made the save. During the post-match events, Edge accidentally speared Dom to end our program. 10:41-10:57pm EST.

Miscellaneous Non-Match Segments of Note:

Becky Lynch Spoke: The former-heel, newly-turned face addressed her injury suffered at SummerSlam less than 72 hours ago. She addressed her injury from SummerSlam, embraced and praised Belair (Lynch is now a face), and told Belair to hold down things while Becky’s out injured. Afterwards, as Belair cut a promo, Bayley, Sky & Kai attacked Lynch backstage with a chair, injuring her further. 8:03-8:13pm EST.

Seth Rollins Spoke: Rollins bragged about injuring Riddle, exchanged words with the Profits and set up our second match of the night. 8:37-8:43pm EST.

Edge Spoke: Edge basically stated he’s back, he brought the Judgment Day into this world, and he can take ’em out of this world, too. 9:34-9:38pm EST.

Next Week on Raw: Ciampa challenges Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship.

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