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Leveraging Social Media for Customer Retention

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You might be dissatisfied if your sole goal in using social media is to attract new clients to your store. Although Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms may, to some extent, aid in customer acquisition, social media is most effective in keeping existing customers. 

Social media allows you to establish a better connection with your customer than you might through more conventional marketing methods. Through social media, your audience—who are probably already reasonably aware of your store—can learn about exclusive deals and better understand your store’s guiding principles, your participation in the community, your workers, and how other consumers see your company.

Now is the perfect time to dip your toe into social media if you’ve been apprehensive. Since both platforms act as directories and having a page will allow you to appear in search results, simply creating a profile on Facebook and Twitter can help your SEO efforts. Posting frequently will assist you in maintaining client awareness if you’re ready to be more active.

Establish a routine 

It’s essential to establish a habit, whether you’re just starting a Facebook or Twitter page or have been active for a time. Giving your readers something to look forward to reading each day by publishing fresh content at the exact times is a good idea. Additionally, you should regularly check for new messages and reply to those you already have. Invest in software that automatically publishes posts at predetermined times if you are concerned about incorporating social media into your erratic schedule.

Things to Avoid Doing on Social Media 

Even though social media is a highly open environment, there are specific ways that businesses should conduct themselves there. Before you begin blogging, bear the following in mind:

  • Keep it tidy. Even though you are aiming your page toward adults, you must make it family-friendly. 
  • Remain focused. Posting the occasional holiday message is acceptable, but try to keep the conversation on business-related subjects. 
  • Avoid getting personal. It would help if you did not share your political beliefs, favourite cuisine, or religion on your business page. 
  • Show professionalism. Put your best foot forward and be courteous at all times. Don’t ask general inquiries. Don’t try to pique their interest by asking, “How are you?” Ask precise questions that are related to the topic at hand instead. 
  • Don’t Advertise Too Much. You want people to connect with you rather than see you as another business. You are welcome to advertise your company, but please avoid doing so in every single post.

What Should I Post? 

The objective is to stay intriguing and distinctive, so visitors will want to revisit your page. One advertisement should be posted every seven posts, on average. This calls for some slight content variation. Try looking at various post styles and keeping track of which ones yield the best results.

Photos, videos, and infographics 

Consider integrating an engaging image or video with your postings as it is more likely to attract readers’ attention and encourage sharing than text-based content. Compared to plain text, a pertinent visual can enhance retention rates by 55%. Even if they don’t have an immediate need, a potential consumer is twice as likely to visit your store after viewing one of these photos or videos.

Specialised Promotions 

For only the goal of being able to access a company’s discounts, special events, and promotions, almost 43% of all customers choose to follow them on social media. Simply posting an advertisement on social media and enabling your fans to spread the word about it will help it gain more exposure.

Establish connections 

Engage in dialogue with your clients, respond to any inquiries they may have, and solicit suggestions for how to make your business better. 

By doing this, you may enhance your reputation while also giving your repair shop a unique personality. When you are approachable and interested in their concerns, customers feel like they can communicate with your store.

Pay attention to “Shareable” Content 

Post helpful information that your readers may utilise, such as seasonal maintenance advice, winterization advice, and driving safety guidelines that might be useful to your target audience and their friends and family.

Share Customer Reviews 

Nothing increases your trust like presenting testimonies from actual clients who have used your services. Consumers are more likely to visit a store 72% of the time after reading a favourable internet review. A one-star improvement in your average Yelp rating can result in a 5–9% boost in sales. 

But keep in mind to be genuine and refrain from publishing fake reviews. Although we all prefer that every review be favourable, you cannot control what customers write. With some effort and commitment, you may be receptive to criticism and transform unfavourable reviews into favourable ones.

Community Involvement

By promoting the events you sponsor, you identify yourself as a devoted ally of your neighbourhood. To help spread awareness, share films from some of the charity events you attended. If your shop fixes cars for charitable groups or low-income families, you should take pictures and post them on your social media profile. Sharing content from your support groups might also help them gain more attention for their programmes and events.

Client Photographs 

Think about sharing pictures of the repairs you made for clients. You may offer the client a $10 discount on their subsequent repair in exchange for uploading the picture. Potential consumers can get a better idea of the calibre of your repairs and a clearer picture of how you work by highlighting some of your work. 

Staff Highlights 

Putting your staff on display allows customers to get to know them better and enhances customer confidence in your store. Post the profiles and images of new hires and consider spotlighting current staff once or twice a month. It’s also entertaining to emphasise a worker’s extracurricular pursuits and successes, like finishing the first marathon or receiving a volunteer honour.

Boost Engagement

An excellent strategy to raise engagement is to increase visitor interaction. Start a poll and comment on the outcomes, or pose a question and ask for comments. Make sure to respond to messages or comments as soon as you receive them. 

One of the best marketing expenditures your store can make is in social networking. Social media will help you swiftly engage with your customers and develop your brand if you put in the time.

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