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Laser Vaginal Tightening Complications

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Laser Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal laxity is one of the major concerns in women especially when they start to age. Sometimes age is not just the only factor that causes the loosening of the vagina but some other factors also.  Little do you know that Vaginal tightening can often take a toll on your mind and can interfere with your intimate life. Now the most important thing that is often neglected is the urinary incontinence associated with vaginal loosening. If you want to treat it the right way then a Laser Vaginal tightening in Dubai is the perfect solution for it. Here is all about Vaginal Tightening Treatment through laser and the complications associated along with it. 

What are the causes of loosening of the vagina? 

  •  With the increase in age vaginal loosening also increases
  •  Normal delivery or vaginal birth often causes the weakening of the muscles of the vagina
  •  Any traumatic infliction or accident
  •  naturally present or hereditary anatomical walls of the vagina or also considered to permit vaginal loosening
  •  Pregnancy and hormonal changes
  •  inappropriate domestic violence that has led to physical mutilation of the muscles of the vagina

Why do Women go for Laser Vaginal Tightening? 

The reason why women often go for vaginal tightening is because of their personal choices. Some would want to light a spark back in their intimate life and would often head towards such a treatment that can restore that long lost spark.  If we tak medically, women often go for vaginal tightness in response to their problems with holding the union or urinary incontinence.  These all reasons collectively had forced Medical Sciences to introduce a treatment that can instantly tighten up the vagina without having the need to undergo any surgical method and so is the evolution of laser vaginal tightening. 

What are the Methods of Vaginal Tightening? 

  •  Vagina tightening through pelvic floor muscles exercise
  •  Kegel exercises
  •  Vaginal tightening through surgical intervention
  •  PRP shots that utilize the platelet rich plasma to improve blood flow
  •  Laser vaginal tightening

Which Treatment is Considered as Best for Vaginal Tightening? 

Among all the treatments that are listed above there is Laser vaginal tightening and is considered as the best and highly effective method.  This is because the treatment does not require any incision, damage to the structures of the entire genital or intimate track. Secondly the treatment is done in a regular operating department and so does not limit the candidate to stay in the hospital for days.

The healing and recovery is also rapid in case of Laser Treatments for vagina tightening. This is the reason why the females residing in Dubai often go for laser therapies in order to treat problems related to vagina. 

How does Laser Vaginal Tightening Work? 

The aim of the treatment is to restore the tightness and elasticity of the musculature of the vagina. The actual mode of action includes: 

The fractional carbon dioxide and erbium laser directly target the walls of the vagina by breaking off the bands that loosen up the walls. This stimulates the production of collagen that is responsible for inducing cellular integrity and elasticity.  As a result the walls and the entire muscles surrounding the vagina start to become thick and stiff.

What are the Laser Vaginal Tightening Complications?

It is very legit to say that with every benefit comes its drawbacks as well. The shortcomings of laser vaginal tightening are less but existent. The following are some of the complications of Laser Vaginal Tightening in Dubai normally observed: 


Since laser treatment is a heat energy based device, it is very common for the treated areas to appear red. The redness will generally disappear after the first few hours of the treatment; a little icing or cold compress on the area can also minimize the redness. 


 Some of the Clinics normally don’t follow a complete infection control protocol that often ends up in the patient with infections. The treatment device should be completely sterile and free of any contamination. In some cases the specialist would prescribe antibiotics soon after the treatment to limit the rate of infection and as a prophylactic means.


Candidates who are anemic or have deficiency of platelets in their body often end up in bruising after laser treatments. In case of Laser Vaginal Tightening through laser bruising is very common to occur especially in those candidates who have very fragile skin.


Bleeding does not refer to a profuse one but a minimum amount of blood can ooze out from the treatment site though it is very rare. 


Since the Laser Vaginal Tightening is done after the administration of the local anesthesia it is expected that the effect of the local anesthesia can last longer than its scheduled time. 

This can lead to numbness for hours and can be quite disturbing for the candidate. however the numbness will cease in a couple of hours. 


According to some reports the candidates have reported that they have noticed a scar formation after laser tightening. Nonetheless,  little do you know that these cars are not permanent and it is just the body’s natural phenomena to work in the healing mechanism. 

Failure of the Treatment:

The treatment might be unsuccessful in cases where an inexperienced surgeon is chosen. 

Case Reports on Laser Vaginal Tightening Complications:

Case 1:

A 52 year old woman with menopause had some symptoms related to the general laxity. The symptoms included minor vaginal bulges, laxity of the vagina especially during intercourse. The woman reported with no surgeries in the past and had a smooth normal delivery. She was recommended for a laser treatment and the woman took two sessions each one month apart

Unfortunately the laser tightening did not benefit her because of her age. The treatment caused over tightness and so she had to undergo a secondary surgery for the stiffness and rigid scars. 

Case 2:

A 36 year old reported to the intimate surgery department of a clinic and also complained of extreme vaginal laxity during intercourse.  There were no bulges notice in her vagina and the woman had never undergone any pelvic surgery or a cesarean section.  Upon examination it was revealed that she had some medical complications and lesions present in the walls of her vagina and so she was appointed for Laser vaginal tightening.   

The treatment did  benefit her but not up to the mark and so she had 2 reschedule herself for a secondary surgery for the dissection of the vaginal tissues. 

How can you Limit the Laser Vaginal Tightening Complications? 

The best way to limit the laser vaginal tightening complications are: 

  • Follow the post treatment care instructions keenly 
  • Avoid exposing yourself to heat or sweat 
  • Restrain yourself from sexual intercourse for at least five to six days 
  • Postpone your menstrual period through birth control pills use ice compression packs to withstand the heat 
  • Take your prescribed antibiotics regularly 
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing the treated site 
  • Never miss your follow up 
  • HAVE PATIENCE and don’t rush for instant results 

Laser Vaginal Tightening in Dubai:

Laser vaginal tightening in Dubai as told earlier is one of the leading treatments done in the intimate departments. If you are also looking for a Vaginal Tightening Treatment, then head towards the dynamic clinic situated in the UAE.

The clinic that is offering a wide range of treatments with reference to the intimate surgery department. Why the Dynamic clinic?

The Dynamic clinic ensures that treatments related to intimate and gynecology department should be done under strict privacy control. The concerns of the candidate should remain confidential. This is just for the candidate’s own comfort and trust.

Wrapping Up:

Book yourself an appointment for Laser vaginal tightening and relive the long lost intimacy back. It will not just improve the anatomy of your vagina but will also help you improve your sexual life and pleasure. You can now rock the bed and still look and feel young for years. 

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