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Key Role of the Aviation Sector in UK for Country Development

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Key Role of the Aviation Sector in UK for Country Development

The research conducted under various aviation thesis topics based on the aviation sector in the UK mainly focused on the economic benefits of the aviation sector for the UK. The benefits for the development of the UK are both tangible and intangible. This provides a sound economic flow in a country and so is the case with the UK. It is interesting to note that this sector plays a vital role in the economy of the United Kingdom. It contributes around 20 billion pounds per annum directly to the economy of the country (Addepalli, 2018). This sector is important in enhanced international connectivity thus supporting sound imports and exports. The economy of the UK owes much to this sector for balanced payments.

Some of the benefits of the aviation sector in the country development of the UK are as follows,

Increased tourism

The aviation sector plays important role in enhancing tourism. The world realise the importance of this sector during covid-19 when the world closed borders for the first time in a very long time. This cost the country much economically, hence disrupting the entire development of the country. It is because of the aviation sector that the tourism sector of the United Kingdom is one of the most developed sectors as well. This means, that both sectors depend on each other for the development of the said country.

Intangible benefits

This sector of aviation is also providing development to the country in an intangible form as well. It is because of this sector thousands of students learn to become a pilot. It imparts knowledge related to the techniques of airplanes along with becoming a pilot as well. This knowledge teaches many pilots every year, hence supporting the aviation sector to stay afloat and contribute to the country’s development. While students are enrolled in the degree of aviation they are taught everything from practical training to writing aviation dissertation topics. This broadens their area of expertise.

Ensure globalization

Everyone knows about the connectivity of the world due to globalization. Git is usually said that globalization has turned the world into a global village and this is true as well. The question is how globalization has flourished. Well, the answer is very simple yet complex. The role of aviation is important for the flourishment of globalization. How humans could possibly think of moving from one place to another without the aid of planes and pilots? Although, this sector is not very acknowledged whenever people talk about globalization it is important. It has allowed the free movement of people, goods, services, skills, and knowledge. People from far-off areas can come to other countries to study. Though students have to face certain challenges in the new place, they can also avail of modern services like dissertation proposal help at the new place to adjust themselves to the new learning space easily, which is an intelligent way to learn from scratch (pes-admin, 2021). People of the UK with certain expertise teach their students coming from different parts of the world. It is worth acknowledging the role of aviation in ensuring globalization.

Sustain the influence of the country

Countries make policies regarding their aviation sector. These policies or rules include innovation, taxation, screening processes of passengers, traffic management, etc. For these policies’ implementation, they have to collaborate between regulators, operators, and the supply chain. The more good and effective policies are the more it helps in maintaining the influence of the country at the international level. For instance, a tourist comes from a developing country to a developed country like the UK. The person is going to observe the passenger screening and processing like they have never seen in their own country. A full-blown image of the UK will be set in the mind of that person and then it will stay there for a longer period. This is how the aviation industry sustains the influence of a country. This is a very little and interesting example to learn about the role of aviation in maintaining the influence of a country.

It helps in keeping markets open

The aviation sector has its own set of rules and regulations. Every plane landing on the lands of a foreign country has to comply with the rules and regulations of that country’s aviation management. This is a great sign of contributing to the development of a country. It shows that the country has the discipline to perform duties related to aviation.  Every sector portrays its country and adds to its development. The sector of aviation has always remained an important source for letting the world know that the markets of a country are open. There are set rules of customs duties, taxation, and other such measures to go through for the processes of imports and exports. This sector helps in ensuring markets are open but with certain conditions that others have to comply with. This in turn contributes to establishing a stronger image of a country. It develops an image of a strong and disciplined country that every other country must respect.

Concluding remarks

In the light of the above discussion, it is not hard to get that aviation has a lot to offer to a country. It helps in sustaining a country economically. Helps in develop tangible and intangible benefits. It allows tourism in a country which also becomes an important source of economic contribution. Aviation promotes a culture of a country. It is because of aviation that many people are employed in a country as it creates job opportunities. Aviation is a way of connecting with people and the rest of the world.


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