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Kanat Sultanbekov New York Speaks Understanding How to Plan a Successful Construction Project Bid

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Construction Project Bid

High-quality materials, great manpower, careful project planning, and attractive construction sites, nothing will come in handy, if one fails to get leads. To get leads, one must master the art of writing effective construction project bids. While writing a bid, one must get past the lingo of being a construction project manager. Losing the sense is important because to write a successful bid one must turn into a marketer. Bids are sales copies that tell the clients about the company’s strengths and specialties.

Kanat Sultanbekov New York – Understanding Construction Project Bids

Kanat Sultanbekov New York is a successful construction project manager. He has been writing project bids for a long time. Kanat knows how to write an effective bid to win the trust and the attention of the clients.

From his experience, Kanat has seen that it takes at least four bids before someone learns the art of bidding. Also, one must keep bidding to get projects. Rejection is a common entity in the construction industry. So, a marketer needs to bid at least five to ten times before getting the first project. There are many ways to increase the bid hit rate. Kanat shows how one can use bids to get projects. Some simple changes can ensure that a bid gets a high hit rate.

Bid Early

Kanat encourages business owners t bid early to get seen by clients. It is a simple alteration, but it works like a wonder when it comes to getting noticed. If one can send out a bid before anyone else, one will be able to get noticed without much trouble. Therefore, everyone who wants to get a project must try to send out their bids before anyone else.

Clients usually read the first couple of bids. As bid begins to pour in, clients stop reading them. Therefore, if one sends out their bids at a later stage, they will run the risk of getting missed. So, it is better to start early and send out bids early to get noticed.

Gather Information About Clients

To increase the chance of getting a project, one can learn about the prospective clients. adding personal touch helps in adding value to a business proposal. People tend to respond to personalized documents. Bids are no exception to this law. When potential clients read about the solution to their problems, they automatically respond to the bidders. Therefore, one should attempt to know the client before starting to write their bids.

Offer Value & Not Low Price

Kanat says that every construction project manager remains under pressure to submit the lowest bid. Often, this does not work. For this reason, Kanat urges people to focus on value addition rather than focusing on price. Managers should look at the unique selling points of the business while preparing the bid. Highlighting experience and skill is an essential part of writing a business bid. It assures the clients to put their trust in the company.

Kanat Sultanbekov New York offers bid writing guidance to both startups and experienced companies. According to Kanat, clients don’t hire based on low prices. They hire based on skill and experience.

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