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Is new Metro City Gujar Khan approved by RDA?

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New metro city gujar khan

A recent announcement made by the Punjab government has stirred up a lot of controversy in the real estate industry. The announcement states that new Metro City, Gujarat Khan, has been approved by the RDA. This announcement has given a big boost to the city’s development and sparked off a heated debate among individuals and groups concerned about the future of localities. In this blog post, we will take a look at the pros and cons of Metro City Gujarat Khan and decide for ourselves if it is in fact an acceptable development project.

What is New Metro City Gujar Khan?

New metro city gujar khan is a proposed city under the Metro Cities Scheme of the Punjab government. The city is situated in the eastern part of the Punjab province, between Sheikhupura and Murree.

The city was conceived as a central business district for eastern Punjab, and its development was initially sanctioned by the Regional Development Authority (RDA) in 2007. However, due to legal challenges from local residents and environmental concerns, the project has yet to be approved by the RDA.

In March 2016, the Punjab government announced that it had terminated its partnership with China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) –the original developer of Metro City Gujar Khan– and would now pursue development of the city through private investment. This change in strategy is intended to reduce costs associated with construction, increase transparency and accountability within the city project, and improve marketing prospects for Metro City Gujarat Khan.

Despite these assurances, several local residents remain unconvinced about the viability of Metro City Gujar Khan. They argue that CSCEC’s track record with other large urban infrastructure projects in Pakistan – such as Karachi’s Pearl Continental Airport– indicates that the company is not up to carrying out such a complex project on a scale comparable to Islamabad or Lahore. Others worry about potential environmental impacts from increased industrialization in southeastern Punjab; while proponents claim that Metro City Gujarat Khan will create many new jobs, locals are concerned about air and water pollution caused by new industrial facilities.

Regardless of these concerns,

Is Metro City Gujar Khan approved by RDA?

The new Metro City in Gujarat Khan is currently under development and has been approved by the Regional Development Authority (RDA). The development will include a township, commercial areas, transport hubs and an industrial area. The project is expected to create over 50,000 jobs and will be completed by 2021.

The RDA is the apex body responsible for approving projects in the province of Punjab. The authority was established in 1995 with the aim of promoting economic development in the region. Metro City Gujar Khan is one of a number of major projects that have beenapproved by the RDA in recent years.

The development is controversial however due to its proximity to the rural areas of Punjab. There has been opposition to the project from residents who fear that it will damage their environment and disrupt their lives. However,the authorities believe that Metro City Gujar Khan will be a positive influence on the region and will create opportunities for locals.

What are the major issues with this development?

Given that this new Metro City development is set to be constructed on an area that has been designated for conservation as part of the RDA, a number of major issues have arisen. First and foremost, the development is expected to completely overshadow the conservation area, making it difficult if not impossible to preserve the landscape and wildlife. Additionally, there are concerns about how the development will impact both the environment and the people who live in the surrounding areas.

What is RDA’s stance on this development?

According to the RDA, the proposed development at Gujar Khan is not in line with its vision for the district. The authority has therefore refused to approve it. In a statement, RDA general manager Sajjad Lone said: “The proposed development at Gujar Khan is not in line with our vision for the district and will have negative impacts on ambient air quality and water resources.”

What are the allegations against the development?

There are numerous allegations against the development plan for Metro City Gujar Khan, which has been approved by the RDA. First and foremost, there is the concern that the development will lead to massive displacement of people, both rural and urban. There is also worry that the planned infrastructure cannot accommodate such a large population, and that it will strain resources already scarce in the region. And finally, there are fears that the development will not benefit everyone in Gujarat Khan – primarily those who haveaccess to economic opportunities and power.

What is the verdict from RDA?

The verdict from RDA is that the new Metro City Gujar Khan is approved by the RDA.

What are the implications of the project?

Metro City Gujar Khan is a proposed mega development in the city of Gujar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan. It will be the largest and most expensive development project in the city and is estimated to cost over $2 billion.

The project has been met with criticism from residents of the area who say that it will increase traffic congestion and pollution in the area. They also object to the fact that the development will not benefit the majority of residents who live in poverty.

Supporters of Metro City Gujarat Khan argue that it will create jobs and improve infrastructure in the area. They also point out that previous development projects in the city have failed to meet expectations and created more problems than they solved.


After months of speculation, it seems as though the much-awaited Metro City Gujar Khan is finally approved by RDA. The city has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately and many are wondering if RDA’s decision to approve the project is a good or bad thing. While opinions will continue to divide, one fact remains – Metro City Gujar Khan is now officially a part of Lahore.

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