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Is Business Setup in Dubai – Free zones Beneficial?

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Business setup in Dubai

When your business setup in Dubai, you can select from several different jurisdictions in which to do so. Free zones, offshore regions, and mainland areas are the three primary types of legal jurisdictions. Free Zones in Dubai are specific regions where investors can buy, sell, and trade various goods, services, and commodities. However, all the limits are pretty flexible. One of the numerous advantages that free zones can provide to their users.

With a free zone business setup in Dubai, you will be eligible for incentives that might significantly improve your business. Hence, investors worldwide choose to establish their businesses in certain places in Dubai. Now, let’s look at the various advantages that Dubai free zones may give you. 

The tax advantages that free zones provide

Free zones in Dubai provide tax breaks to businesses inside its boundaries. Investors from various nations prefer free zones over other investment opportunities.

The value-added tax (VAT) in Dubai is relatively low. But, if you incorporate your business in a free zone, you may avoid paying it entirely. In rare circumstances, companies may even be able to avoid paying other applicable taxes. It also includes value-added tax (VAT). 

If you need more precise knowledge, professional services can provide you with the direction and assistance you want. You will be able to discover how to establish a facilities management firm in Dubai if you are interested. For professional help, you can hire business setup consultants in Dubai

Free from both import and export duties

When you do a free zone business setup in Dubai, you will not only be eligible for tax deductions. Also, you will get exemptions from import and export charges. Additionally, the government and the investors benefit from additional opportunities by exempting import and export levies. Companies may use this benefit in every free zone in the nation. It enables them to expand their zones exponentially and become more secure organizations.

 As a result of the exemptions from import and export tariffs that free zones provide, they can contribute to the expansion of international commerce inside their respective jurisdictions. As a direct consequence, free zones are now destinations of interest for entrepreneurs from other countries, and they encourage these individuals to establish their various companies there. However, educating yourself on the processes associated with operations involving import and export in free zones is essential.

Complete control of your business by foreign investors

Considering a business setup in Dubai, you should know that you will completely control the industry. Put another way, it won’t be necessary for you to choose a local sponsor to hold 51% of your company’s shares. The ability of foreign investors to own firms or enterprises inside free zones is one more significant advantage that contributes to the business of these areas as commercial centers.

A company based in the mainland jurisdiction, as opposed to free zones, must find a Dubai native to hold that proportion of their companies. In the interim, owners of businesses are only allowed to own 49% of the business. However, this does not apply to free zones since business owners can retain a 100% of the ownership. 

 The return on earnings and investment capital

In addition to obtaining full ownership of your firm from a foreign entity, you may also get complete repatriation of your cash and your revenues. Repatriation advantages will be made accessible to any businesses conducting operations in any of the Dubai-free zones currently in process. And, of course, this benefit extends to the accumulation of earnings and other financial assets, another advantage enjoyed by every company and business.

To put it another way, if you establish a firm in a free zone in Dubai, you can transfer the money you make back to your own country. In addition to your firm’s income, you can share any cash invested back to the nation where you were born.

 The availability of a wide range of amenities and working places

Access to various amenities is another benefit that can be obtained by establishing a free zone firm in Dubai. For instance, you may rent or lease warehouses in great shape, completely equipped office spaces, and much more. In addition, these amenities and locations are not hard to discover, which contributed to the rise in popularity of free zones among SMEs and new businesses. Many other available possibilities range from the least costly to the most expensive choices. In addition, you have the flexibility to decide whether you want to lease or rent the office. But it will mainly be determined by your requirements and the available financial resources.

Access to world-class infrastructure 

You will also access the most cutting-edge and adequate infrastructure and other components, such as various communication systems. You may also move your goods and products by air, sea, and land using the only transportation means that are available to you. Additionally, convenient access to well-known airports and seaports will make running your business much more straightforward.

business setup in Dubai

In addition to this, getting access to the most advanced connectivity networks and the most effective internet connections is not difficult at all. Additionally, you can access more amenities and services if you rent offices instead of leasing them.

 Process of immigration that is devoid of hassles

You will likely be required to finish the immigration procedure while you are in the process of establishing a free zone business in Dubai. On the other hand, there is no need for you to be concerned about it since the procedure is straightforward and uncomplicated. In addition, having business setup consultants in Dubai at your side while going through the process might make things much less complicated.

 There are no monetary constraints

If you are a foreign professional and decide to create your firm in a free zone, you do not need to be concerned about the local currency. Free Zones in Dubai allows businesses of any size to do business with money.

To put it another way, you won’t find any limitations on the money used in any free zones around the nation. Companies that deal in currencies other than their own will have an easier time conducting financial transactions due to the removal of currency limitations.

 Simple procedure for the creation of companies

And last, establishing your business in any of the free zones that are now accessible will not be difficult for you to do at all. And the primary reason for this is that the setup for establishing a business is relatively uncomplicated. All that is required of you is to carry out the actions outlined in the following paragraphs.

You may always contact professionals if you want them to help simplify this procedure for you in any way you see fit. You may get the help and guidance that you wish from professionals. 

Procedures required to finish up the process of business establishment in a free zone

One of the most straightforward procedures is establishing a free zone corporation in Dubai and to formally start your free zone corporation, all you have to do is follow the processes.

Therefore, to begin the process of business setup in Dubai, you need to be aware of the phases:


To begin, you must choose the perfect free zone for your business. The free zone will serve as the location from where you will run your operations.


The second step is to choose a trading name for your firm that is appropriate for it. Choose the trading name that implies the requirements associated with this subject.


Thirdly, you must apply for a free zone license that caters to all operations and requirements.


After that, you must register your firm by presenting the required paperwork to the appropriate authorities. You need to obtain any permissions that may be necessary.


You will be able to launch your free zone business as soon as you have obtained all of the required clearances.

With a free zone business setup in Dubai, you can access all of the advantages free zones provide. Forming a business may be simplified with expert advice. However, if you go with professional assistance, you will get a more significant number of advantages.

In addition, professionals can guide you through establishing your setup in a free zone in Dubai. Business setup consultants in Dubai will assist you in making crucial selections during this procedure. For instance, experts will lend you a hand in selecting the most advantageous site for your business. Also, you need to consider the kinds of amenities it requires. Plus, they can assist you in acquiring the necessary license to lawfully run your business in the free zone of your choice.

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