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Instant Manual Way to Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST format

Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST

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Many users have queries about the conversion of MBOX files to PST file format or how can I convert MBOX to Outlook PST. To resolve such issues, we hereby provide you the best possible ways to convert Apple Mail MBOX file into PST file format. We hereby explain a third-party tool for importing MBOX emails to Outlook file.

Apple Mail (MBOX) is an application available with Mac OS. It comes with smart features for email communication and is highly popular among Mac users. Besides this, the majority of users prefer using Windows Outlook which uses PST file. So, you have to convert Apple MBOX data to PST file format to open it in MS Outlook.

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Reasons to open MBOX files in MS Outlook

A lot of reasons support to convert MBOX data items into PST file. Here are some important factors:

  • When users switch from MBOX supported email client to Outlook, he/she needs to import MBOX email items to Outlook PST file.
  • Outlook comes with high security and advanced data management features.
  • We can access our emails in offline mode with Outlook whereas MBOX email clients need internet connectivity.

Manual Approach to Convert Apple Mail file to PST file

To import emails from Apple Mail to Outlook using the manual technique, there are four different approaches:

  1. Transfer Apple Mail data to MBOX file
  2. Create MBOX files by using Eudora
  3. Import the data into Outlook Express
  4. Transfer emails from Outlook Express to Windows Outlook

Let us check the detailed steps to migrate Apple Mail MBOX data into Outlook PST file.

Step 1. Transfer emails from Apple Mail to MBOX file

  • Open Apple Mail or Mac Mail on Mac OS.
  • Hit the File menu and then go to Import mailboxes
  • Under ‘Import data from:’ pick the program from where you need to import the data i.e. files in MBOX file format.
  • Hit the Continue button for further process.
  • Now, browse the location of MBOX files by hitting the Choose button and hit the Continue tab.
  • Now, click on the Done button once the process gets completed.

Step 2. Creating MBOX files using Eudora program

Install Eudora application to create MBOX files. The reason is the conversion can’t be directly completed.

  • First, modify the extension of the imported file as xyz.mbx
  • Now, move xyz.mbx file name to the directory where Eudora stores its files by default.
  • Now, open Eudora and double-click on xyz.mbx file to create the file and then close the Eudora program.

Step 3. Importing data into Outlook Express

Now, you have to import data to Outlook Express.

  • Open the Outlook Express program
  • Hit the File option and choose Import.
  • Now, select option messages to continue
  • Pick Eudora and hit the Next button
  • Find the location of InboxMBOX.mbx file and hit OK
  • Now, click on the Next button and then hit the Finish button.

Step 4. Moving Outlook Express data into Windows Outlook

Now, transfer messages from Outlook Express to MS Outlook.

  • In Windows Outlook, tab to File menu and hit the Open tab
  • Choose Import mail and addresses and hit the Next tab.
  • Pick Outlook Express or Windows Mail option
  • Make sure to select Import Mail and hit the Next tab

This will import MBOX database files in Outlook. You can easily access the imported folder in Windows Outlook.

This manual technique is not 100% efficient and safe to use. A single human mistake can ruin the complete process. To resolve such issues, you should go with professional MBOX to PST Converter Software.

Use Apple Mail to Outlook Converter to Convert Apple Mail (MBOX) data into Outlook

Among several solutions on the internet, users can simply choose Mac Mail to Outlook Converter for safe and effective conversion of Apple Mail MBOX data files into Outlook PST file format. This is an advanced and highly-tested program to convert multiple MBOX files at a time into PST file format.


This post has clearly stated ways to convert Apple Mail data files into PST file format of Outlook. The manual process is risky & complicated therefore, it is better to opt for the professional program.

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