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Important Rose Facts—Florist Chennai

Important Rose Facts—Florist Chennai

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Online Flower Delivery in Chennai – Roses, for a long time, were considered one of the most popular and used flowers in every setting. In ancient Egypt, they were the most sacred flowers used for religious and spiritual things.

So, as you now know, roses are not only an expression of love and beauty, but they are also linked to sacrifice and devotion.

But apart from this, what are other facts about roses that you need to know? We’ll help you with that in this quick guide about roses.

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Facts about Roses

Here are some interesting facts about roses:

Types of Species

Rose flowers come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes and have more than 100 species. However, only a few can be grown in your gardens, such as Rosa bonica, Rosa grandiflora, Cherry Parfait, Hybrid Tea, Rosa Falstaff, Floribunda, etc.

Out of these, Hybrid Tea roses are the most common rose specie that can be found in every rose lover’s garden. Apart from Hybrid Tea, there are other rose species that you can grow easily, including Ballerina Rose, Zepherin Drouhin, Mother of Pearl Roses, and Starry Night roses.

You Can Grow Them from Cuttings

Roses are one of those flowers that you can grow from cuttings. To do that, follow these simple steps below:

  • Get a rose with a stem and leaves that are fresh and have no signs of damage or wilt, and no yellow parts on the leaves.
  • Cut the flower from the stem.
  • Cut the lowest part of the stem at a 45-degree angle, cut the leaves as well (except 3–4), and cut a light slit on the lower part of the stem.
  • Put the stem into a clean vase with fresh water.
  • In the last step, after the stem starts to root, transfer it to the soil.

Variety of Uses

Apart from decoration and gifting, roses have a variety of uses, including:

Food: Rose petals are normally used in sweet food items such as jellies, jams, teas, chocolates, and others. Apart from this, rose flowers have a berry-shaped fruit called rose hips that is also used in a variety of food items.

Skin Care: You must’ve heard of rose water. It is considered a skin cleanser and brings a glow to the skin. Besides, roses are also used in cosmetics as well.

Medicine: Rose petal oil heals numerous mental and physical issues such as stress, anxiety, etc. Moreover, Rosa Centifolia, a rose specie, offers many health benefits such as wound healing, improved high blood pressure, eye relief from burning sensations, and others.


There are many myths about roses that surface from time to time, such as “there are black and blue roses.” This is a myth because the black or blue colour you see is either dyed or just the darkest form of any other colour, such as red or purple.


The reasons why roses have been admired for ages are their various uses, colours, ease of growing. And definitely their beauty as well. And these facts about roses will definitely make you and future generations more obsessed with them.

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