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How to Use SMS Marketing to Promote Your Event in 2022-23

by Ashishguni
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SMS marketing

SMS marketing is the practice of using text messages to send promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing objectives (SMS) or Bulk SMS. 

Additionally, they frequently have only their mobile gadgets in their pockets and are on the go. 

Thus, text messages provide a direct line of communication in addition to email, WhatsApp, and push alerts. Because of this, text message marketing, sometimes referred to as mobile marketing and SMS marketing, is one of the most effective ways to contact clients when done effectively. 

It should go without saying that making connections with customers takes work. If you want to connect with your customers, you can’t wait for them to find you. To reach them, you must make the first move. 

Furthermore, they typically just have their mobile devices with them and are on the go. 

This means that in addition to email, WhatsApp, and push notifications, text messages offer a direct route of contact

Because of this, when done correctly, text message marketing, also known as mobile marketing and SMS marketing, is one of the most successful ways to reach clients.

What Is the Purpose of SMS Marketing? 

SMS may be applied in a variety of contexts. To assist you understand what you can accomplish with SMS and how it could benefit your organisation, I’ll go through some of the most popular use cases. 

In particular, if you want to inform clients while they are moving, SMS marketing campaigns are a terrific way to deliver these offers. In this method, you may be certain they won’t lose out due to a delayed notification. 


Updates that are urgent concerning occurrences or consumer orders 

An event’s preparation and execution involve several moving components. It gets increasingly difficult to communicate the relevant information to everyone as the number of attendees increases. 

When compared to email or other channels, Bulk SMS offers superior real-time engagement for communicating any updates, cancellations, general information, or changes.

Promote the sale of tickets 

Following their opt-in, subscribers are eager to learn more. Therefore, make sure to inform them of the early ticket sale date. If there are any promotional pre-sale events, unique discounts, or pre-sale specials that they should check out, now is a great moment to let them know about them. 

If your subscriber base grew significantly, you might want to think about segmenting your audience to better cater to their individual needs. As a result, your consumer involvement will increase across all segments of your target market and Bulk SMS business.

Configure and oversee your event 

A keyword in SMS messaging is a term that customers may send to an SMS shortcode using their mobile device. Together, the keyword and shortcode may match a person to the right messaging campaign. Although it seems complicated, using it is actually easy. 

Choose a keyword for your event and reserve it for use in marketing your event. Customers or prospective attendees of an event may opt-in with a single, brief SMS message. They will sign up for updates, promotions, reminders, etc. through this. 

The keyword may be promoted using your other promotional marketing strategies. Display the term, for instance, on flyers, your website, social media postings, posters, and even the event tickets themselves. Increasing the prominence of the term and encouraging.

Polls and sweepstakes before the event 

Winning before your event might increase its buzz. Your participants will look forward to attending the event even more if they know they can win something when they get there. 

Pre-event polls can help you get a sense of what people are anticipating and what areas need improvement. If your event doesn’t have ticket sales to utilise as statistics, you can estimate the number of attendees. 

Social listening and brand awareness 

You may send Bulk SMS that engage your audience and better represent your business to them in the days leading up to the event. Your brand messaging can be aided by links to videos and social media posts.

Social listening and brand awareness 

You may send SMS and use SMS Gateway that engage your audience and better represent your business to them in the days leading up to the event. Your brand messaging can be aided by links to videos and social media posts. The nice thing about video links is that certain videos will now play in visitors’ texts that excite their visual senses.

Disseminate day-of information 

Some day-of information that your attendees will find interesting: 

  • Parking fees and “Doors Open” notifications 
  • Event schedule 
  • Venue policies 
  • Promotional “Get here early” campaigns 
  • Last-minute adjustments 
  • Expect unexpected visitors 
  • Discounts for subscribers for event vendors 

Everything that participants need to know can be efficiently disseminated, saving you from a possible event catastrophe.

Use your mailing list of subscribers 

Do you want to sell any event supplies that weren’t purchased on the actual event day? Send discount vouchers and buying links to your subscribers by text. This is a terrific technique to close deals with clients who might still be debating whether to buy certain merchandise. Get rid of it now. 

When people opted into your campaign, if you were honest with them, you may utilise one event subscriber list to promote several event lists. 

There’s a strong probability that attendees who sign up for one of your event reminders will wish to attend your other events in the future. To provide your subscribers with a signup link or keyword for upcoming events, you may just text blast them.

SMS promotions at events 

The likelihood is that your clients will carry their phones to your event, therefore you should continue using SMS messages for advertising once they arrive. Continue the celebration and keep your followers interested. 

  • Asking them 

For event goers, polls may be even more entertaining. The ability to receive statistics on how your event is progressing in real-time is obviously advantageous. Find out if your visitors are having a nice time by asking them. 

  • By allowing people to text in their votes for contests or express their feelings, your audience may also voice their ideas and contribute to event participation. Talk about gaining knowledge. Instantaneously, you may ascertain what people are stating concerning the occurrence.

Opportunities for text-to-win events 

Entice attendees to your event by offering text-to-win possibilities. Exclusive goods, tickets to your next performance, access to the backstage area, gift cards to your event’s sponsors, or backstage passes can all be given away as prizes. 

The same keyword to shortcode approach that consumers first used to sign up may be used to administer this sweepstakes. Attendees may automatically enter for a chance to win by texting the keyword to a short code. This raises interest in the actual event. 

You now have an even bigger audience to advertise your upcoming event, which is a welcome side effect. That is what a win-win situation is.

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