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How to take care of your indoor cats

A complete guide for pet parents to make their cat an indoor cat

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Many pet parents face this dilemma, “is it okay to keep my cat indoors all the time?” the answer is yes. It is completely okay for a cat to be indoors all the time provided they still get to exercise. Indoor cats are less likely to get injured or become lost. They are also less likely to be attacked by dogs or other animals. especially in India where you can find street dogs and animals everywhere, it is safer for a cot to stay indoors. Indoor cats are less likely to catch infections and other diseases. 


Indoor cats require a lot of attention. A contained pet does not mean that the fur ball is cut from the outside world. There are ways that you can keep your pet happy and healthy indoors as well you just need a few tips.


Escape proof the house

If you wish to keep your cats indoors, you need to ensure that an escape-proof outdoor area is available to the pet as this greatly increases the opportunity for activity and stimulation for contained cats allowing them to experience the benefits of the outdoors in a safe way. There are specially made garden fences available, cats cannot climb on those fences, and you can surround your terrace or garden with those fences. If you have a balcony or a verandah you can use nets to cat-proof the area. 


Provide a home gym  

Steps must be taken to ensure that the pet gets adequate exercise and environmental enrichment, if not they will start showing aggressive behavior and may even stop eating. Cats like to observe the world from a height and provide your cats with a cat tree and maybe a home jungle gym. Ensure that you spend enough time playing with your cat every day. Bring toys that your pooch case around the house.


Find the right boarding

Finding the right place to stay for your indoor cats when you are away is very important as they are not used to being around other animals. Ensure that the person who would be taking care of your pet while you away knows how to keep your pooch calm. If the pooch gets scared there is a very high chance of him running away. Therefore it is very important to find the best boarding in Bangalore.


Right grooming

No matter if the cat is outdoor or indoor, grooming is important for all pets. Cats do a very good job in grooming themselves but still, they require professional grooming as well. Ask yourself the question, which is the best cat grooming near me? find the best groomers for your best baby and we will be good to go. 


Keeping a cat indoors might sound cruel but trust me it is the best thing that you can do for your pooch.


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