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How to Save a Bunch of Money This Semester by Buying Cheap Textbooks

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This tip is for you if you want to spend as little money as possible on textbooks this semester.

Let’s be honest: purchasing textbooks is a bad idea. Estimates of the typical cost of textbooks every semester have been as high as $1,100, in my experience. That is completely absurd.

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This manual provides a road map that will assist you in doing the same. We’ll go over the strategies we used as a student to avoid spending even more money as well as a tonne of resources for discovering used books, rentals, and other textbook substitutes.

Where to Find Affordable Textbooks

You would go into your college bookstore and purchase a brand-new copy of each textbook you require each semester. Of course, you would also purchase the most recent issue.

Fortunately, we don’t live in a world like that, and you have a lot of options for where to get your books. On the surface:

  • Fresh books
  • Old books
  • Rentals (such as Amazon textbook rentals)
  • Electronic versions
  • Renting electronic devices (like Megazords for textbooks)

Any of these could be the cheapest option for any certain textbook. Your textbook might be a little dated, but you can buy a used copy of it on Amazon for $0.01. Or perhaps it’s one of those awful books that require you to purchase it brand-new since it comes with an access code. We don’t like paying for these, lecturers.

Don’t only rely on the college bookstore; there is a tonne of other websites where you can find your books. Here is a sizable list:

  • Amazon
  • Barrington & Noble
  • Chegg – You can use this one to support College Info Geek and I’ll receive a little commission, but there is no additional cost to you. Please read the remainder of the guide first, though, as I strongly advise doing so if you can find it for less elsewhere.
  • ValoreBooks\sAbeBooks
  • com
  • eBay
  • CampusBookRentals
  • Textbook Rush
  • Alibris
  • eCampus
  • There are further choices in this area as well, such as:
  • BigWords
  • SlugBooks
  • Book Rocket

These resources are like textbook Kayak: they compile book pricing from all the major vendors, offer alternatives for new/used, renting, or purchasing e-book versions, and even figure out shipping costs.

However, bear in mind two crucial details when contrasting the costs of various book formats and retailers:

Tools for comparing prices don’t keep track of all the places and methods you might use to buy books. Some of the ones I’ll list below, like student-to-student book exchanges, are obviously difficult for a system to keep track of.

Selling your books once you’re finished with them can ultimately save you money if you’re prepared to put in the effort. In this case, renting or purchasing an e-book may wind up costing more than purchasing a print copy with a higher retail price.

Locate Earlier Editions and Foreign Editions

Every now and then, textbooks are revised and new editions are released. When this happens, you can expect that your classes will demand the new editions.

I doubt the history of the French Revolution will change that much between 2011 and 2014, but many textbooks don’t change much from edition to edition, especially for subjects that develop slowly.

Therefore, you can just purchase the prior edition of your textbook and succeed in numerous classes. This is especially true if you’re working hard but not trying to get the highest marks possible.

A few cautions regarding this strategy: If your textbook contains problem sets that will be assigned as homework in your class, you should generally purchase the most recent edition of the book. Books in this category are more likely to be math and science books.

I suggest sending your professor an email before the semester begins to inquire whether this is okay.

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You can search for foreign editions of your necessary textbooks in addition to earlier editions.

I utilised TextbookRush to locate international editions of some of my necessary books throughout my first two years of college. These and the domestic editions differ mostly in:

Most of them are paperback books.

There could be black-and-white pictures.

They are frequently far less expensive.

A significant amount of money can be saved by purchasing an international version if you don’t mind the shoddy covers and lack of colour.

Free and Open-Source Trails with Blaze

What if you want to purchase your textbooks for exactly 0 dollars? That might also be fairly feasible. Let’s examine a couple tactics.

Visit a library

This is actually the area you should definitely search first when shopping for textbooks if you’re on a limited budget. There could be one of two choices:

There might be a textbook available for loan. When relying on versions that are available for checkout, exercise extreme caution because another student may have it at the exact moment that you do.

It’s possible that your professor acted like a jerk and put one or more copies on reserve. This entitles you to visit the library and borrow the book for a few hours. This is fantastic for books you don’t require too frequently. Just be ready to engage in some deadly combat with other students during exams.

The public library should also be checked, as your university’s library isn’t the only one in the area.

Look for More Places to Get Free Books

Many books can be used for free or in the public domain. There isn’t a need to pay for a book that is in the public domain if one of your classes needs it unless you only want a physical copy.

Here Are a Few Websites That Will Lead You To a Wealth Of These Books:

What websites offer the finest free textbooks online, according to Quora?

100 locations where you may get free books legally

Avoid the Salespeople and Employ Your Networking Skills

Developing your networking abilities can help you save a tonne of money in addition to helping you get a job. Here are three effective techniques for textbooks:

Purchase books from other People

Here is the motivating extrovert’s strategy for buying textbooks:

Recognize that other students are already enrolled in (or have completed) the classes you will be attending, and seek out those students.

Spend less money.

Possibly even develop into close friends and fly across the globe in a hot air balloon together.

You can skip the last section if you don’t have a keen sense of adventure. The other aspects of the plan, though, are clearly worthwhile to pursue and are not too challenging.

Try these resources to see if you can find classmates from the class you’ll be taking next semester:

Find groups at your university on Facebook. Organisations based on majors, textbook exchange groups, etc.

Students may already be selling their books there on Craigslist

Student clubs and organisations – There are undoubtedly a few student organisations connected to your major. Rejoin them. You’ll make acquaintances, get to know people in your major, and maybe discover a helpful student to buy your books from.

Book swaps between students Numerous websites have attempted to do this on a large basis, but none of them has ever really taken off. You might be able to use the local one provided by your university.

Don’t forget that you can get some of your money back by selling your textbooks when you’re finished using them! You can attempt to do this directly with other students or you can sell them online using a platform like Chegg’s textbook marketplace.

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