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How to Print PayStubs or Paychecks in QuickBooks.

How to print pay stubs in QuickBooks online.

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How to Print a Pay Stubs or Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop

Quickbooks provides not only controls your employees pay rolls and paystubs process, alongside Quickbooks also gives features to print paystubs or paychecks in quickbooks that comply with your state’s regulations.

If you want a Desktop Software trial in Quickbooks. You can also join that link for further additional information.

At the time of printing, quickbooks provides us with a white sheet for printouts.quickbooks desktop also provides us to customize sheet before printing the sheet and paper uses a template or default layout within the format but then font cannot be changed. Once we print pay stubs on a blank paper, the company details, address and phone number will appear on the bottom and top of the page.

If you also want to know about how to activate ViewMyPaycheck in quickbooks you can reach out to that page just by clicking on the link. After activating your feature ViewmyPaycheck in quickbooks employees are able to read out about their payrolls details and pay stubs automatically with secure access.

How to print pay stubs in QuickBooks online.

This articles provide step by step instructions on how to print pay stubs and pay rolls sheets online in quickbooks. But before you have to understand what pay stubs are, we explained a quick view on pay stubs such as:

Pay stubs explained-

A pay stubs are a document file in which an employee can provide their paid details like pay earning’s, taxes deduction, Used company benefit and paid leaves and net pay and many more.

Pay Stubs are an important item for an employee that cannot be ignored. In pay stubs an employee all paid details are available in it like how many sick leaves he has taken, how many hours he worked in a day and in a week. How much tax he has to pay and which company’s benefits he has been enrolled in it and many more further details. For that point of view we easily pay stubs are the key factor for an employee. As a proof, an employee should have to take print out of every weekly pay-stubs to make their security routine check up.


Print paystubs in QuickBooks-

Steps to print paystubs in Quickbooks:

  • Click on ‘Reports‘ on the left hand side of the configuration
  • Click on ‘All Reports‘ option & then select ‘Manage Payroll‘
  • Click on the ‘Paycheck List‘ under the list of reports
  • Report page will open
  • Paychecks or Pay stubs, you want to print will be chosen from check-boxes
  • Click on ‘Print‘ button from the list, so that you could open the ‘PDF‘ file in a new window
  • Save this ‘PDF‘ file So that you are able to print this later.

Steps to print paystubs from a paycheck:

  • At first, You need to open the paycheck in Quickbooks desktop
  • click on the print button from the window
  • choose the option of pay stub.

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