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How to move towards a Solar Friendly Home

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Solar power has become the most efficient way towards a renewable source of energy. As summer ends, that doesn’t mean sunshine ends. Even in winters, you can take benefits of solar energy by using it in your day to day life. Since,  Solar panels aren’t the only way to add solar energy to your home. This sustainable energy can be used in the form of water heaters and lighting for homes. Here are some conducts to create an eco-friendly home by starting with the small things & to build a green, energy-efficient home: 1. SOLAR WATER HEATERS : Solar water heaters can be a perfect alternative to conventional gas- or electric-powered models. This can be a bigger investment than a traditional appliance. Suntek deals in best solar water heaters. They have various models to suit your home requirement . From ETC model to FPC pressurized model you can install solar water heaters for any house. 2. Outdoor Solar Lights : You can switch to Outdoor solar lights instead of normal electrical bulbs. Outdoor solar lights use solar cells to convert light during daytime and then store this power in special batteries. At night, these batteries power the lights and help you save electricity. Suntek deals in the best quality solar street lights as well as LED Street lights to suit all your outdoor requirements as an affordable price. Before installing these outdoor solar lights, make sure you check the position of Shade from trees and buildings. As this can also impact solar lights’ battery charging and performance.
  1. Solar Roof-top panel: If you’re planning to construct a new house or renovate the old one, make sure you install solar panel on your rooftop. The net metering allows you to sell back excess energy produced. Financial returns and reducing monthly utility bills are major encouragements for going solar. It helps you increase the value of your house. Houses with Solar Power are considered as premium ones.
  2. Other Solar devices like Solar CCTV’s, Solar Cooker, Solar Fencing can also help you in your day to day needs and assist you in reducing your electricity bills. Solar ovens have rapidly become the most popular home appliances. Other than that, Solar fencing is very helpful for Bungalows, Villas or Commercial requirements.
So, If you’re looking to subordinate energy costs or decrease energy usage, Suntek can help you guard your budget with their multiple products and their warranty plans.  SUNTEK is a leading solar company for solar sector which helps those homeowners who build energy-efficient homes with its vast variety of solar products.

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