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How to Lose Weight Without Harming Your Health

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Today, it has been convincingly proven that excess body weight is a guarantee for diabetes. Then at least the occurrence of health problems that reduce life expectancy by 10 years or more. For the solution we offer Best Weight Loss Machine for Home.

Therefore, an increasing number of people of all ages have questions. A healthy way to lose weight. And is it possible to lose weight quickly?

Solution Of This Problem Purposefully and Systematically

If you approach the solution of this problem persistently, purposefully, systematically, and comprehensively. Then it will not take very long from the predicting. I want to lose weight to the proud I am the owner of a toned figure.

Losing Weight

The Right Way Is Not as Easy as Doing It Right

Healthy Weight Loss

Begins with determining your inherited body type and metabolism (rate of metabolic processes):


Tall people, with long limbs, a narrow and flat chest, a long face and a high forehead. A fast metabolism prevents him from being too fat, but if this happened, then it is the ectomorph who will have no problem with how to quickly lose weight. Extra pounds will go away easily and quickly, but then he will have a long process of pumping up long and sinewy muscles.


A medium to tall man of athletic build, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, and naturally muscular limbs. The metabolic rate of the mesomorph can be both high and low. In the latter case, how to lose weight in a mesomorph is an urgent issue, since excess fat is deposited very quickly, and it is burned extremely hard and slowly.


Medium or short person, with broad elbows/knees and narrow wrists/ankles, naturally weak limb musculature. A slow metabolism makes gaining extra pounds fast, and the task of how to lose weight quickly is practically unsolvable. An endomorph should look for the answer to the question of how to gradually lose weight, and prepare for the fact that it will be incredibly difficult to do this.

Determining Your Own Body Type

After determining your own body type, which will dictate to a particular person how to lose weight correctly, namely the specific dietary principles and training scheme that help to lose weight without harm, you should clarify whether everything is in order with the health of the endocrine system, because its pathologies can prevent weight loss in principle.

Women Male Balance of Sex Hormones

Women need to remember that a change in the balance of sex hormones due to age. Entering the premenopausal period. Or due to the presence of a gynecological disease. For example, polycystic ovaries or endometriosis. Without special correction and / or treatment. In principle, makes it impossible to lose weight.

The health of the male genital area. Although much less common. It can also dictate the conditions for getting rid of extra pounds stored in fat depots.

Proper Nutrition Is an Important Factor In Proper Weight Loss

Best Weight Loss Machine for Home

Best Weight Loss Machine for Home

Obviously, the first recommendation on how to lose weight without harm to health is to change your eating behavior and limit the calorie content of the menu. By how much should you cut calories? It depends on physical activity (recommendations are below, in the Calculation of calorie consumption and expenditure section).

With regards to changing eating behavior, today for weight loss, doctors recommend either the KETO (ketogenic) diet with BJU%: 15/80/5, or the Mediterranean diet with BJU%: 50/35/15 and the rejection of simple sugars. In how to lose weight without harm to health. The Mediterranean diet is preferable. As it has no contraindications. And recommend as a therapeutic nutrition system for diabetes. And other diseases of the endocrine system.

physique and metabolic rate

In addition to choosing a type of diet and correctly calculating the necessary daily calorie restriction depending on the planned physical activity, for safe weight loss, depending on the type of physique and metabolic rate, when compiling an individual version of the dietary diet, one should adhere to the following recommendations:


do not exclude fatty meats and dairy products from the menu, enrich the diet with avocados, nuts, peanuts, and peanut butter


include in the menu one or more multi-purpose supplements for active longevity , snack on protein bars with a minimum carbohydrate content;


avoid hungry days, reduce calories minimally, divide the daily diet into 6-7 portions of equal volume and calorie content, do not eat fast food and street food, be sure to eat fiber-rich vegetables and lean meat / fish every day, include an Omega supplement in the diet -3 , completely eliminate any kind of alcohol;

For Women

With an altered background of sex hormones – a 6-month intake of a drug based on red clover or common prune;

For Everyone

Supplements: fat burner, β-alanine, tryptophan, a complex of vitamins of group B + C + E.

In addition, everyone, regardless of the type of physique and the type of diet chosen, we recommend to the intermittent fasting regimen with the 16:8 algorithm. You can eat only for 8 hours during daylight hours. And drink only water for the remaining 16 hours. Please note included in the food juices, and sodas.

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