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How to Hire Remote Developers for Your Development Project

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How to Hire Remote Developers for Your Development Project

Since the last couple of years, there has been an incredible rise in the remote working culture. Especially after the COVID pandemic, companies are more prone to hire remote developers compared to in-house developers. Infact 80% of the employees prefer to work from home. For companies, this culture benefited in saving a lot of unnecessary expenditure and resources. While for the employees, it gives them independence and flexibility without losing the productivity required for the job.

Remote work has also helped in making the world smaller as now every company can hire remote developers from anywhere in the world. Infact with different time zones, there is an advantage to utilizing all the 24 hours for different projects. With so many advantages, it is clear that remote jobs are beneficial for your business. Lets see how you can benefit too and hire remote developers for your company.

Why Hire Remote Developers

Talent is available all across the globe and remote jobs and freelancing helps in bringing this talent on board. Both the companies and candidates benefits with the remote work culture. Lets take a look:

Benefits For Candidates

  • No transportation or traffic issue and no time wastage in long commutes.
  • Gives them the advantage to work freely wherever they want. Be it at their bedroom or some cafe.
  • Remote developers are self organized and take responsibility for their work and deliver timely results.
  • Remote developers can manage their work-life schedule in a more productive way than in-house developers.
  • Remote work has enhanced performances and employee satisfaction levels. You can hire remote developers to boost the overall productivity of your company as well.

Benefits For Companies

  • If you hire remote developers, you can save a lot of cost on electricity bills, resources, onboarding and training processes, office space and utilities, health insurance, etc.
  • Talent has no boundaries, companies can easily hire skilled and experienced technicians from anywhere in the world.
  • Companies have an advantage to hire remote developers as per their budget as candidates from many countries and hiring platforms are cost effective.
  • Developers who are hired on remote basis work more dedicatedly than the others. They complete deadlines, maintain standards and quality of the work. And you can also choose them on the basis of their expertise levels more clearly than the general employees.
  • Businesses can hire remote developers as per their project requirements. They can easily choose the pay structure, time requirements and skills needed as per the project.

Qualities They Must have

Before you start your hiring process, you need to consider few parameters to choose developers from. Some important qualities required in the remote developers are-

1. Time Management Skills

In the IT industry, it is normal to have multiple projects running parallelly with strict deadlines. Hence, your team of remote developers have to be productive and should be able to meet their deadlines.

2. Problem Solving Attitude

A developer should be able to solve challenging projects and situations and be able to provide quality work. A learning attitude is a must in a competitive field such as IT. If you hire remote developers, make sure they can think outside the box, enjoy challenging works and are eager to learn through them.

3. Technical Skills

What is a developer if he doesn’t have the technical skills? Before you hire remote developers, make sure they are well experienced in the required programming language and framework. Python, Java, C++, etc are few basic programming languages that every programmer must know. Moreover, you should also make sure that they understand the protocols and algorithms you follow in building your projects. You can check their portfolio and client reviews to get an idea on their expertise level.

4. Soft Skills

Communication is the most basic quality one should have. Being a good remote employee is one thing but to clearly express your thoughts with other teammates and clients is equally important. If you hire remote developers, make sure to test their soft skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork qualities, discipline, etc.

How To Hire Remote Developers

1. Define Your requirements

Before you hire remote developers, you first need to be clear on the purpose of the job. A software development project has different levels of processes, each with its own set of difficulties so you first have to be clear on the required job. It will help you in knowing the particular expertise and skills you should look for in the candidate or whether you need a whole team itself.

2. Hiring Platforms

You now have an idea of what your project wants and what skills to look for in the candidate, now you should start your hunt. The best place to hire remote developers is to reach for online marketplaces and job boards such as Optymize. Optymize is a marketplace where you can hire pre-vetted remote employees and developer team for your development projects. There you can easily look into the list of potential candidates and choose from their portfolio and client reviews.

3. Interview Process

Now prepare some questions if you want to vet the candidates yourself. Just make sure you don’t go through multiple rounds of interviews unless you are hiring for a long term position. Just an interview to assess their skills as per your requirement is fine. You can also check for their technical prowess and soft skills by evaluating their coding and communication skills.

4. Onboarding Process

After selecting and hiring your ideal developer, you can start your onboarding process by providing them the information on their role and responsibilites, salary and schedule, and protocols and frameworks to work with in the project. You can sign a legal contract if you hire remote developers from a company.


Remote based work is a growing sector that will be staying here for quite some time. Almost every business and company has started to adapt according to it and are also reaping its benefits. It will be a good call to join the heat and start your search to hire remote developers.

One great platform for hiring developers is Optymize. You can provide them with the details of your requirements and they can find you the right developers for your job.

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