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How to create your own video hosting site

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How can you replace the popular YouTube for embedding your videos into websites? Choosing another video hosting service is not easy, because the choice is huge. Each video hosting service can be different in terms of features, cost, and usability. To embed your video on the site you need to use player scripts that will play it. When the user clicks the play button, he is redirected to the server where you placed the video file. This is important for download speed and quality. If all goes well, the video starts playing. Now let’s look at a few different ways to post your video to the site.


This service offers not only a player and a hosting service where you can store your videos, but also offers a script for creating video sites. The page https://mpvplayer.com/video.php describes in detail all the advantages of video hosting. Among them are good speed for streaming, high video quality up to 4K, multiplatform player, the ability to encode any format to mp4 and the detailed statistics for each file. You can choose different tariffs, including free subscription. The paid plan allows you to customize your advertising, monetize it, and access CDN. To learn more about the service, visit https://mpvplayer.com/.


Kernel video sharing provides open source PHP code. Video quality is adjustable and is currently available from 360p to 720p. Access to the video settings can be changed for different accounts, which is convenient when several people are working with the site. You can see the benefits at https://www.kernel-video-sharing.com/en/. Among them are different video processing already after posting, grouping into playlists for convenience, classification, and filtering of content. The site is convenient when working with an impressive amount of video files.


Cumulusclips is a free open-source video-sharing script. You can try uploading your video file to the site and see how the player will look on your site. The http://cumulusclips.org/ page has sections with documentation, updates, and project discussions. Videos post with Cumulus support on various mobile devices and many browsers. There are currently 4 different themes available for the player and 6 language packs: English, Russian, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Simplified Chinese. Cumulus works on the Linux operating system and some hardware requirements are needed for video encoding.


XVideoSharing allows you to use the script without any restrictions on the quality of hosted videos, which means you can play high-quality 4K videos and more. The video player uses streaming downloads, which means you can start watching immediately. Supports a variety of formats and is available for mobile iOS/Android. You can use support for different languages. Setting a time limit for free viewing and premium access allows you to customize monetization more flexibly. It is possible to connect to an affiliate program. The disadvantages can be quite serious requirements for the server. It should choose separately.

Your script

Of course, you can do everything with your own hands. To date, there is enough material on the Internet, which can teach how to do it. But everything has its difficulties. You can spend a considerable amount of time finding a solution to this or that problem. In addition to inserting the video code itself, you need to take into account its ability to place and played on different devices and browsers. Video window size, playback settings, download speed, and limiting access to videos from suspicious IP addresses. Much of this will have to be mastered over a long period. But it’s still worth trying. Then you’ll see the advantages of different video hosting services and a ready-made script.


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